Panache Sports Bra Review

Hi 👋🏽  Tish Tily, owner of Australia's only Sports Bra store, She Science, here! With the Panache Sports Bra being one of the most "asked about" bras both in store and online I thought it was time I jumped on the blog to do a panache sports bra review and answer some frequently asked questions 💁🏽‍♀️   Design features of the Panache Sports Bra ‣...
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First Bras and Bra Fittings for Teenagers

I think most of us will have some sort of painful memory from our early bra wearing days. Whether that be our first change room experience or even just those conversations we dreaded about having to wear a bra 😱 I know I did everything in my power to avoid it and ended up in a C cup as my first bra 😆 Crazy to think i now own a bra store! I hope ...
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Best Sports Bra for running

Hi there!After having fitted over 10,000 women for technical Sports Bras out of our Sports Bra Store in Melbourne I've seen and heard it all when it comes to fitting Sports Bras for runners 😆  I estimate I've seen 70,000 combinations of boobs and bras on active women 👏🏽  (yes, I just clapped myself!) So that's my "cred" for you 😉 Before I jump i...
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9 best High Impact Sports Bras in Australia

👋🏽 Hi, Tish here. Owner of She Science, Australia's only Sports Bra store. 
Over the past 7 years we've had the pleasure of seeing over 16,000 different ladies through our store for our specialty Sports Bra Fitting. 

A high impact Sports Bra is a bra that is specifically designed to reduce bounce during sports and activities that cause the breast to displace significantly. Researchers and industry leaders advise that a bra that reduces breast bounce by 60% when compared to bare breasted activity is sufficient to be labeled high impact.

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How to wash your bras to maximise lifespan

There is only one way to wash your bras to maximise the lifespan and avoid those *oh-so-irritating* issues caused by washing your bra incorrectly. 

If you don't know what issues I am referring to, think 'bent or twisted hooks', 'snapped underwire', 'crinkled cups' and 'stretched materials' 🤦🏽‍♀️

I promise you, all these aforementioned hassles are avoidable... 

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Why there are three hook settings on a bra 🤯

(2 minute read)  EXPLORE OUR RANGE OF BRAS | A-J CUP   It used to stagger me how many ladies didn't actually know why there are three sets of eye clasps on the back of the bra, but with so much misinformation about bras and bra fitting out there it's really not actually a huge surprise.  ⚡️NEWSFLASH⚡️These three settings are not there to a...
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