Why You Should Consider a Female Impact Protection Vest for Contact Sports

Why You Should Consider a Female Impact Protection Vest for Contact Sports

Research suggests that four out of every ten female athletes participating in contact sports, including softball, volleyball, basketball, soccer, and similar sports, suffered a breast injury. Most of these women suffered this injury during college, and not even 10% reported it to the health personnel. Among the ones who did report, only 2.1% received treatment.

Research by Sabine Dlugosch suggests that most sports injuries occurred because the athletes chose not to wear impact protection garments. So, why did they decide not to wear it? It is simple, most impact protection garments for contact sports constrain the player's movement because of their shock-absorbing quality

Zena Sport, however, teams up with Deakin's Centre for Sport Research to create a game-changing female impact protection garment for contact sports. After investing four years in research and development, Zena Sport developed the most athlete-friendly female impact performance vests. These vests have been put through the highest sports science and impact testing standards to ensure agile and unrestricted athlete movements and being super lightweight.


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So, why should you consider using a female impact protection garment for contact sports? In this blog, we compiled the top three ways Zena's impact performance vests are making a difference and why you should consider their usage. So, without further ado, let us move on to them:

Ensures Ideal Comfort Without Restricting the Player's Movements

The primary reason for choosing not to consider impact performance wear is that they restrict the player's movement. However, with Zena Sport's Z1 Vest, you can say goodbye to this trouble. Having four years spent in research and development backed up with continuous and thorough product testing, Zena's Z1 vest ensures 100% comfort and movement agility. Therefore, guaranteeing ideal protection as well as player's comfort.


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Significantly reduces impact across the bust + ribs

Research suggests that the athletes who chose not to wear impact performance garments experienced more sports injuries than those wearing them. The primary reason for choosing not to wear these garments included comfort and movement compromise followed by low force absorption.

Nevertheless, the continuous and rigorous testing on Zena's Z1 Impact Vest proved that this female impact protection garment for contact sports ensures the absorption of 70% of the force in case of an impact event. Therefore, it provides everything from comfort and recreation to high performance, optimal protection, and personalisation.



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Zena Sport are committed to represented the underrated women's sports

After knowing about these shocking breast injury stats among female athletes, you may wonder why no one is attending to them. Well, it is not wrong to say that it is an underrepresented area, and there is surely a lot to be done in the breast injuries sector. We must ensure optimal healthcare for such instances and consider using a female impact protection garment for contact sports.

Zena Sport commits to changing the under-represented area of women's sports and breast injuries. Even if such injuries are reported, they are often not addressed and treated seriously – and Zena Sport is committed to changing that!



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Fitting Tips for the Zena Sport Vest 

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Zena Sport's Z1 Vest weighs only 160gm. This female impact protection garment for contact sports allows athlete agility while contouring the body as it is incredibly flexible and lightweight. Nevertheless, consider the following fitting tips for best results:

  1. Always wear a sports bra or a crop top under the vest
  2. Ensure that you buy the perfect size. Take your measurements and use the sizing chart below. 
  3. If you are big busted, consider sizing up to allow. Zena Sport recommends sizing up if you are above a C cup. She Science Bra Fitters recommend you consider sizing up if you are above an E cup. 
  4. Always follow the product care instructions (how to wash, dry, hang, etc.)
  5. You can also wear it unnoticed under a playing Guernsey


Size AU Underbust
XS 8 73cm
S 10 77cm
M 12 80cm
L 14 85cm
XL 16 92cm
XXL 18 97cm

Some final thoughts on wearing a Female Impact Protection Garment for Contact Sports

You might have heard "prevention is better than cure," – and we cannot agree more. In addition, there are many reasons to choose Zena's game-changing female impact protection garment for contact sports. In addition to providing optimal support and protection, it also ensures complete comfort, personalisation, and innovation.

Finally, we need to educate athletes on reporting these injuries to the health personnel. We also need to provide optimal treatment and attention that encourages young female athletes to report breast injury cases so they can be treated.



 A guest post from the team at Zena Sport. 


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This is Zena Sport. For the past 25 years, our founders have been actively involved in professional sports. We know breast injuries, and female sports are the most underrepresented categories. Therefore, we feel proud to be committed to developing the most innovative products for female athletes and their protection without instilling performance constraints.

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