We now share a home with our good friends at active feet, at their Camberwell store.


Active Feet was the first store of its kind, opened in November 2002 by an independent group including Podiatrists with many years experience practising specifically in Sports Medicine.

Up until then, there was a disconnect between the footwear industry for athletic shoes and the biomechanical requirements of the regular runner and walker.  With a huge array of shoe brands, models, and marketing to match, the result can be confusion and contradiction for the consumer.  Through the Sports Medicine practices we saw many patients who had paid significant money for a shoe that just was not right for their biomechanical function & activity requirements.  

The goal with active feet was to provide the link between the shoes that are available on the market and what actually suits your biomechanics, foot posture and function. 

Since active feet began, they have seen a steady array of speciality running stores follow, which they welcome, since it all aims to lift the bar for a better customer result.  They firmly believe, however, that their combination of Podiatric expertise from weekend sport through to elite sport, their shoe research team, their input at the training universities, and their running credentials that sets them apart. 



active feet provide FREE gait assessment and shoe solutions with the option of computer motion analysis available by our highly skilled Podiatric staff.

In addition to your full digital gait assessment, they take into account your activity type, activity volume, your injury history, experience and of course your previous footwear. Having your shoes prescribed and fitted by an expert will improve shoe lifespan, reduce injury risk and maximise performance.

In short, they are experts in shoes AND experts in biomechanics of foot function, and to ensure prescription of the correct shoes, it is critical to be both. active feet continually make it their mission to provide the best service and expertise available in the market.

You DO NOT need to book an appointment to shop at active feet, they are open 7 days a week for your convenience. View their conveniently located store locations here, although you will only find She Science at their Camberwell site.