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How Your Bra
Should Fit

Did you know? Most women wear actually wear the wrong bra size. Even bra fitters are sometimes limited with what sizes they can supply to you. Like any other garment, the sizing on the tag is a guide only; and bra brands can use different sizing systems.

The band that runs around the ribcage is responsible for delivering most of the support. This needs to be firm, but not uncomfortably tight. Your shoulder straps help to stabilize the breast, they should not take the weight of the breast.

Relying on these for support will result in discomfort and the potential for long term damage.

Lots of women think underwire is the most supportive option. In reality the role of underwire is to shape and separate the breast. It is not there to stop the breast from bouncing during activity. High-quality, well-fitted non-underwire Sports Bras can offer the highest impact support, even for the larger cup sizes.

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