How our Bra Store in Camberwell came to be... 

In 2013, Co-founders Tish Tily & Matt Morgan establish She Science, Australia's only Sports Bra Store. They launched this one-of-a-kind store in response to a lack of specialised expertise in Australia's Sports Bra market. It was Tish and Matt's combined experience in retail and biomechanics that led to the formation of She Science.

At the age of seventeen Tish was driven to endure a breast reduction. Her love of all things sport was forced to come to an absolute halt when she began to experience exercise induced breast pain around the age of fifteen. She went on to study Podiatry at university exposing her to the world that was ‘biomechanics’. After working in the athletic footwear industry for 9 years, alongside her clinical Podiatry role,  she grew frustrated that there was so much service around athletic footwear but no retailers offering the same with Sports Bras.

This frustration grew to become passion. Tish immersed herself in the Sports Bra industry by reviewing product for leading brands, studying the past and present literature published on breast biomechanics and Sports Bra construction, and completing industry courses both locally and internationally. Tish then started her She Science blog as a means to bring her voice to the industry, before launching her She Science retail store with Matt in August 2013. 

Tish is excited by how far the Sports Bra industry has come in the past 10 years and works passionately to educate women about all the huge developments that have been made to improve the comfort, confidence and performance for women in sport. 


Bra store camberwell


Matt has been involved in the athletic retail industry for over 15 years having been one of the co-founders of Australia's leading footwear stores, active feet. Active feet was the first store of its kind in Australia offering scientifically based footwear prescription.

Matt brings a wealth of experience and a unique perspective to our She Science team. He has learnt more about breasts and bras than any man will in a life time, and is truly passionate about transforming this industry for Australian women.  Matt spends his Monday to Friday as the busy Managing Director of his four active feet footwear stores. 




As a specialty bra store we know the importance of getting the perfect fit. So much so, we have dedicated our lives to it. Our team of bra fitters each have a minimum of six years bra fitting experience. We take a gentle and educational approach to bra fitting. 

Many of our team also have tertiary education in biomechanics which has helped to fuel our passion for the science behind boobs, bras and breast biomechanics.




bra store camberwell