The Sports Bra Project Australia


sports bras australia  A note from Tish Tily, co-founder of She Science:
The Sports bras Project provides NEW sports bras to athletes who don’t have access to such a basic and necessary piece of equipment for active women. Their mission is to increase access to sports for women and girls by removing barriers to participation. 
This is exactly the driving force behind why we started our store, that specialises in the fitting and prescription of Sports Bras, 10 years ago. So I am personally  stoked to announce our official partnership with The Sports Bra Project. 
She Science will be working with The Sports Bra Project as an official partner to raise funds for product and freight; help them access a range of quality product through our suppliers; and continue to raise awareness for the good work they are doing for the future of women and girls in sport. 



The Sports Bra Project Australia

A Sports Bra = an opportunity


Their Purpose

Is to provide life opportunities to women through Sport. 

What they do

By providing new sports bras to organisations and programs operating in countries and communities where opportunities and access to sport is limited The Sports Bra Project remove barriers to sports participation for women & girls in Australia and around the world.

Why they do it

For many, a sports bra is a luxury.  When resources are limited, basic human needs – food, water, educational fees – take priority over luxuries like sports equipment. Sports Bras are an essential piece of sports kit for safe and confident play. Without a Sports Bra many women would be forced to watch from the sidelines.

How they do it

They take donations from sports bra companies and individuals who want to help as well as sports clubs and other organisations that run bra drives as a great community activity. They gather them up and send them to the girls and women in need using the funds of their sponsors and partnerships in the community. The Sports Bra Project also run events to raise awareness and gather donations.

Who are they

They are a volunteer organisation working to set up the Australian chapter of the US based charity TSBP. To ensure that the equipment gets to its intended location, the project works with trusted partners and sponsors.


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