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Some tips to finding your best Sports Bra for horse riding: 

  • Focus on the fit. If the bra doesn't fit, it has no chance of functioning. Watch our Video Tutorials to help guide you through how a bra should fit and why. 
  • A lot of the breast displacement when we ride is vertical. A high coverage bra will have you feeling more secure as you horse ride as it works to block the vertical escape route of breast tissue.
  • Take a moment to consider whether you would prefer underwire of wire free in your equestrian sports bra. Know that the main role of underwire in a bra is to shape, not stop our breast from bouncing. If you prefer the feeling of having your breasts suctioned down to your body then you'll almost definitely prefer wire free. If you prefer to have a natural shape, with your bust sitting further away from your body then you should go with underwire. We also have a great video about this in our Video Tutorials.
  • Lots of horse riders want white bras for dressage. Unfortunately manufacturers are moving away from white and nude options in their range due to black and colours dominating popularity. If you need white for your eventing then consider taking a darker colour which will broaden your options for times that you don't have to be wearing white.