Want to become a professional Bra Fitter? 

bra fitting training


What a great idea! Bra Fitting is such a rewarding career path.

Ask any of our passionate Bra Fitters and they'll all agree that every day in the change room brings different triumphs for customers desperately seeking help and advice.  Being the one to deliver those triumphs is a pretty great way to spend a working day. 


How do you become a Bra Fitter? 

Unfortunately in Australia, there is no longer any formal education offered to become a Bra Fitter. Most Bra Fitters get their experience on the job or by attending uber-short training sessions put on by bra manufacturers. I don't believe these are great ways to learn the skill (and art!) of Bra Fitting. 

The best way to learn how to be a Bra Fitter is to train under a professional. This is why working for a small business with a passionate experienced team really is a great option. 

Training alongside an experienced Bra Fitter for a prolonged period is a great way to learn this very special art of ours. 


What training does She Science offer Bra Fitter's? 

She Science offers training to all new Bra Fitter's that are employed by our small business. We take a very personal approach to our training with each employee spending a number of days on both theory and practical bra fitting principles alongside our Managing Director, a Bra Fitter with nearly 10 years experience. Once this initial onboarding training is conducted new Bra Fitter's will experience 3-6 weeks shadowing an experienced Bra Fitter in order to hone their skill. 

It truly takes time to gather experience for the vast array of scenarios presented in any Bra Fitting. We truly believe a slow and steady approach to this is the best way to go. 

Once a new Bra Fitter has experienced a broad array of customer scenarios covering all (and more!) of the teen, pregnant, breast feeding, post surgical and many different size & shapes - then there is a gradual progression to solo Bra Fittings, with an experienced team member near by. 

Our personalised training generally takes between 4 - 8 weeks. 


Where is She Science located?

Our Bra Fitting suites are in Camberwell, Victoria. Just a short train ride from the Melbourne CBD. 


Why is She Science a great place to learn and work?

What we offer at She Science truly is unique. We are a specialty bra store that runs by appointment, allowing us to help our customers in a consultation style setting. This time spent 1:1 with customers means we aren't running between two customers or tending to other business related tasks. It's this focused approach that allows us to craft our skill deeply. 

Our team don't have sales targets and are not subject to seasonal product pushes. Our no push approach allows our team to simply focus on what's best for our customer. We believe that to be the best environment for a new Bra Fitter to learn about our great industry. 

bra fitter training

Want to join our team as a new Bra Fitter? 

Get in touch! We'd love to hear from you. For the right candidate we always have a job available and are open to chatting about how we may be able to assist you develop your skills as a highly regarded Bra Fitter. 

Email our Director, Tish via careers@shescience.com.au