We've established ourselves as Australia's leading destination for Sports Bras, and now Everyday Bras.

‣ 18 industry leading brands
‣ Cup sizes A-J 
‣ Band sizes 6 - 22

Our team would love to guide you through your 'best ever bra fitting'.



How we offer Melbourne's Best Bra Fitting service?

 We run by appointment only, this means you'll have a dedicated Bra Fitter to spend 1:1 time with you. Book online here.

 Our Fitting Suite is very private. You will have the whole space to yourself & your guests. 

 Our staff all have a minimum of 6 years bra fitting experience. Between us we have undergone training in Australia, America, France and the UK.

 Great lengths have been taken, and costs been incurred to stay up to date with the latest in Breast Biomechanics. This sets us a part from any other retailer in the world, we consider ourselves to be the most advanced retailer in the world for Sports Bra prescription. In fact, sometimes the researchers come to US for advice and intel. 

 Our customers are treated like clients. Once you shop with us, you are a part of our family. We write detailed notes on all fittings to ensure the next time we see you your experience is as simple and painless as possible. 

 The most common feedback we get is "that was the easiest bra fitting I have ever had". Customers tell us this time and time (....and time, and time, and time) again. 

 We ensure "bully-free" Bra Fittings. This means, we will put all the education, info and advice around your best bras on the table, and we'll work with what is comfortable for you to find your best solution. Bra fitting is just as much an art as it is a science. 

 Our fittings are light hearted and educational. This is the key to having a great experience. We focus lots of time and energy on educating women about how a bra should fit, and why. For those that find bra fittings awkward, we work hard to take the focus off you and put it all on to the education and the process. When a Bra Fitter has the skills to do this, it can be the difference between a horror bra fitting, and your best ever bra fitting. 

 We deliberately "dress down" at work. This is an intentional exercise to ensure we remove any potential for intimidation or comparison. We think this casual vibe rubs off on our customers and helps to keep everyone relaxed.

 Our fittings are treated as consultations. Before we get started we take a moment to sit down and find out a bit about you and what your specific requirements are. There is no one "best bra". So for us to determine where to start with you we want to know about your bra buying history, style preferences and overall ideals - this will fast track us to your best bra. 

 For those seeking a Sports Bra our fitting suite is kitted out with a treadmill, iPad and motion analysis software so that we can show you exactly how your breast behaves in each bra. Often Sports Bras look and feel fine when we're standing in the change room, but in order to truly assess a Sports Bra we believe it's best to do this while you are moving. Don't worry, you won't be bullied in to this if it's not what you're in to. 

Honestly, I could keep going and going and going with a list of reason's that we'll 'knock your socks off' with our service. But I think the easiest way for you to learn about it, is to come in and see for yourself. Want more proof of our happy customers? Read more reviews here

We hope to meet you soon! Feel free to get in touch with any questions via info@shescience.com.au. Don't forget to book your fitting ahead of time. 

Our Bra fitting suite is located in Hawthorn East, although this area is commonly referred to as Camberwell.