9 best High Impact Sports Bras in Australia

9 best High Impact Sports Bras in Australia

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What is a high impact sports bra?

A high impact Sports Bra is a bra that is specifically designed to reduce bounce during sports and activities that cause the breast to displace significantly. Researchers and industry leaders advise that a bra that reduces breast bounce by 60% when compared to bare breasted activity is sufficient to be labeled high impact.

A high impact bra can have underwire, or can have no underwire. It is not the underwire that effects the bras ability to control breast bounce during extreme impact sports.



How should a high impact Sports Bra fit?

This is the bit most women don't understand well. If a bra doesn't fit, it has no chance of functioning. So, in order to get the best out of any high impact bra it needs to fit well.

A Sports Bra doesn't necessarily need to be a different size to your everyday bra. However, if you are wearing the wrong everyday bra size you won't get away with that for your sports bra. After all, a Sports Bra has one job - that is to function.

The band that runs around your ribcage is responsible for stabilising your bust. So this needs to be firm, as firm as you can comfortably have it. If this band is too loose it will ride up and down your back as you exercise causing the "see-saw" effect which will have your bust bouncing in the opposite direction to the bands movement.

🎥  Here's a link to a video explaining 'How a bra should fit and why' 


What sports require a high impact Sports Bra?

High impact activities include (but are certainly not limited to) Running, Aerobics, Horse Riding, motor bike riding, skiing, HIIT, Tennis, Squash and anything that requires jumping, running or consistent stopping/starting/jolting movement.


What is the best high impact Sports Bra?

I thought you may ask that 😆. And of course, there is no one best bra. This is because we are all unique sizes and shapes, and have very different activity demands, style preferences and bra wearing habits.

What one women loves another women of the same size may really not like. Bras are certainly polaraising like that.

When we help women find their best Sports Bra we ask the following questions to help us gather a starting point for them. And then of course we work with their reactions to this product to determine where to go next...

‣ Do you have a strong preference to underwire, no underwire or either?

‣ Do you want a bra with a particular strap configuration? Eg Straight straps, racerback straps or either?

‣ Do you want a high impact bra or a low impact bra?

‣ Would you prefer a bra with a moulded (foam lined) cup or non-moulded? Or does this not matter to you?

‣ What size bra would you usually buy for yourself?



So, here's a look at our 9 favourite High Impact Sports Bras...

High Impact Sports Bras | A - D cup

These "favourites" include underwire, wire free, straight back and racerback options for A cup, B cup, C cup and D cup. 

High impact sports bra no bounce

Dynamix Star X-Back | A-D
Wire free + racer back


high impact sports bra for running

Electrify Underwire Crop | B - D
Underwire + racer back

high impact sports bra no bounce

Active Shaped Sports Bra | A - E
Wire free + straight straps



High Impact Sports Bras | DD - FF cup

These "favourites" include underwire, wire free, straight back and racerback options for DD cup, E cup, F cup, FF cup ladies. 

shock absorber high impact sports bra australia

Active D+ Classic | D - H cup
Wire free + straight straps

panache high impact no bounce sports bra

Panache Sports Bra | B - HH cup 

Underwire + Convertible straps (racer back + straight straps)

high impact sports bra for large breasts

Pro Elite Sports Bra | DD - G cup

Underwire + racer back 



High Impact Sports Bras | G - J cup

These "favourites" include underwire, wire free, straight back and racerback options for G cup, GG cup, H cup, HH cup, J cup ladies.

high impact sports bra full figure

Energise Sports Bra | DD - J cup

Underwire + Convertible straps (racer back + straight straps)


High impact full figure sports bra

Easy-On  Support Sports Bra | C - H cup
Wire free + racer back straps


high impact plus size sports bra enell

Enell Sports Bra | Sizes DD-GG 

Wire free + full covered back



One of the lucky ones located in Victoria? 😉

Come and see us for a Sports Bra fitting in Camberwell. Our team of dedicated experienced Sports Bra Fitters will spend 30 minutes with you trying on as many high impact technical Sports Bra options as you'll allow us to. We work with 18 industry leading brands from all over the world, so there really is something for everyone.  We run strictly by appointment (and are often booked out) so don't forget to make a booking before you arrive 💁🏽‍♀️









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