Sports Bras you can swim in

Sports Bras you can swim in

Swimming in a Sports Bra seems like a logical choice for lots of ladies. Particularly those who are making a super quick transition from swim to run (hello Duathletes and Triathletes!), and also for those bigger busted ladies who want max support in the water. 

There are definitely some 'do's and don'ts' to follow for swimming in a Sports Bra.



Can I swim in a Sports Bra? 

Sure you can, but in order for it to be a successful venture the Sports Bra you select for the job needs to have the right features. 

A Sports Bra suitable for swimming must be made of an appropriate fabric, have a particular strap configuration and use robust 'low rust' metals. 


Suitable fabrics for a Swimming Sports Bra

Sports bras that use heavy moulded or padded materials are not usually ideal for swimming. This is particularly the case if you plan on being active straight after a swim as the padded cups will hold lots of moisture causing general discomfort, added weight and a much higher risk of chafing. 

A thin, perforated moulded cup, or a light spacer foam can be suitable for swimming, but care should be taken by triathletes and duathletes looking at these options. 

Ideally, light quick-dry materials will make for the best swimming Sports Bras.


Best straps for a Sports Bra you can swim in

Arm swing and range of motion is ultra important in the pool or the surf. We strongly recommend a racer back or cross back Sports Bra for this reason. Straps that sit straight over the shoulder blades will be uncomfortable for long swims. 


Low rust metals 

Hook and eye clasps that rust will look unsightly pretty quickly, and will likely start to faulter functionally as a result of rust. Finding bras that have the hook and eye clasps coated, as opposed to exposed iron, will likely have a greater resistance to rusting. 



Will I ruin my Sports Bra if I swim in it?

A Sports Bra will be a higher support option in the pool, but the materials may not hold up as well, or for as long as a swimsuit. So expect a shorter lifespan out of your swimming Sports Bra - the materials simply won't cope with the high chemical &/or salt content in pools and the ocean. The positive trade off is that you'll feel more supported and secure in a Sports Bra. 


Best Sports Bras to swim in 


Shock Absorber high impact bra australia


Ultimate Run Bra aka the Ultimate Swim Bra



Moving Comfort Australia


 Rebound Racer



high impact sports bra swimming


Fast Forward


Swimming sports bra australia


Dynamix X Back 





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