White Sports Bras Australia

White Sports Bras Australia

👋🏽  Hi, Tish here, co-founder of She Science, Australia's only Sports Bra store. 

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The last 8 years in the technical sports bra game has taught us a lot of women's needs and desires when it comes to finding their best Sports Bra. And white sports bras is always an interesting conversation as there are some things most women don't know about this section of our industry. 

This article will share some of these interesting things to know about White Sports Bras in Australia. 



Why can White Sports Bras be hard to find in Australia?

I wanted to cover this first as if you know why White Sports Bras are hard to find then it will take some of the frustration out of your shopping experience. 

Sports Bras make up about 5% of the total lingerie market. Already in retail stores the technical Sports Bra range you find in stores is often underwhelming because of this. 

White Sports Bras make up less than 5% of total Sports Bra sales, so for this reason you won't find many retail stores stocking them; the stock just moves too slow. 

The other reason they can be hard to find in store is that white bras will often discolour and turn yellow. Meaning that even big brands don't like producing mass quantities of white bras that only make up a small fraction of their total sales. Stock ends up spoiling and then can't be sold, or has to be sold at too big a discount to actually end up making any money for the supplier. 

Bras are always tricky from a stock management perspective as there are so many sizes that need to be held at any given time. This just adds to the difficulty of big brands holding mass quantities in slow moving stock. And this is ultimately why lots of big brands often choose not to produce white sports bras. 


Where to buy White Sports Bras in Australia?

Our Sports Bra Store She Science has a range of white sports bras on hand. 

We choose to offer a range of our best selling sports bras in store in white and will special order less popular styles in white when this is required for the customer, if they are in production from the supplier.



What are the benefits of a White Sports Bra?

Some women believe that White Sports Bras are better under light clothes because they don't stand out or show under lighter coloured clothes.

Some more conservative sports like Tennis and Golf can sometimes have rules and regulations, particularly at an elite level, around the necessity for players to wear White Sports Bras.

School girls also often prefer white as this can align better with a lot of school sports uniforms. 


🎥  Watch our bra fitting video tutorial series before buying bras online. You'll be much better informed to do so. 


Why do some people avoid White Sports Bras?

The majority of ladies actually choose to avoid White Sports Bras where they can because White Sports Bras will tend to become grey or yellow in colour with wear and wash cycles. 

Sweat is particularly nasty on white bras and tops as it too will cause rapid discolouration of the garment. 

We're now seeing a lot of brands choose to produce light grey or silver coloured Sports Bras in order to essentially hide well under light clothing but without the concern that they will discolour and "age" quickly.  Personally I think this is a great idea as you really do get the best of both worlds 👯‍♀️


How to choose the best Sports Bra?

Finding your best Sports Bra isn't always easy. And remember, what's worked for your gal pal or an online reviewer doesn't necessarily mean it's going to work for you. 

In order to increase your options we recommend not limiting yourself by colour unless you absolutely have to. For example if you need a White Sports Bra for tennis competitions but you train 5 x a week, consider buying a black bra for the most part of your training where there are a lot more options. And just buy one White Sports Bra for your competition days, because you aren't wearing it much it won't matter as much if you have had to choose something that doesn't tick every other preference for you. 

Take a quiz which will guide you through finding your best options according to your size, activity demands, colour and style preferences 👇🏽



So, here's a look at our 7 favourite White Sports Bras

White Sports Bras | A cup - C cup

These "favourites" include our top selling white sports bras in A cup, B cup and C cup. Click here to see more!


berlei white sports bra


Electrify Mesh | A cup - E cup
Underwire, straight straps that convert to cross back



teen white sports bra

Impact Free Flex Fit | A cup - C cup
Wire free + racer back


White Sports Bras | D cup - F cup

These favourites include our top selling D cup, DD cup, E cup and F cup white sports bras. Click here to see all our range in these sizes.

high impact white sports bra

Active D+ Classic | D - H cup
Wire free + straight straps


plus size sports bra


Panache Sports Bra | B - HH cup 

Underwire + convertible straps (racer back + straight straps)

white sports bra australia

Momentum  | C - G cup

Wire free + straight straps



Plus size White Sports Bras | G - J cup

These "favourites" include plus size white sports bras in G cup, GG cup, H cup, HH cup, J cup. Click here to see all white options in these sizes.

plus size white sports bra


Energise Sports Bra | DD - J cup

Underwire + convertible straps (racer back + straight straps)


high impact plus size sports bra enell

Enell Sports Bra | Sizes DD-GG 

Wire free + full covered back



One of the lucky ones located in Melbourne? 😉

Come and see us for a Sports Bra fitting at our bra fitting suite in Camberwell. Our team of dedicated experienced Sports Bra Fitters will spend 30 minutes with you trying on as many white high impact technical Sports Bra options as you'll allow us to. We work with 19 industry leading brands from all over the world, so there really is something for everyone.  We run strictly by appointment (and are often booked out) so don't forget to make a booking before you arrive 💁🏽‍♀️










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