A guide to Sports Underwear for Women

A guide to Sports Underwear for Women

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Sports Underwear is one of those garments that don't take too much explaining in store - when women stumble across them for the first time they instantly understand the appeal. The problem is, with so few stores ranging Sports Underwear most Australian women don't even realise it's an option. 

When we consider the effort we put in to finding the perfect pair of running socks and sports bra it's a surprise that more thought doesn't go to our briefs - they are after all helping to keep one of our most sensitive areas comfortable when we work out 🏃🏽‍♀️


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What are Sports Underwear? 

Sports Underwear are specific briefs that are designed with the active woman in mind. Sports Underwear use technical fabrics and specific garment design to allow for moisture management and comfort during activity. 



Benefits of working out in Sports Underwear:

There are three main benefits of Sports Underwear, that no mater the brand or design, will be the goals of the product developers. 

→  Moisture Management

Sports Briefs are designed to wick moisture from the skin to prevent sweat sitting against our sensitive parts. Sports Briefs will tend to use a synthetic blend of material that will work to control this moisture. We are seeing more wool blends hit the sports market in recent times too. 

→  Comfort

Having briefs that stay in place while we work out is an absolute must. This helps remove the "fiddle factor" and the need to rearrange our undies when we run. Designers take different approaches to achieve this. Some brands use a silicon strip to ensure the brief will stay in place. Other brands focus on full seat designs to accomodate this. Finding what's comfortable for you can be trial and error. 

→  Flattering line under Sports Apparel

With a lot of women choosing to wear lycra or firm fitting fabrics while they train, sports underwear that removes the VPL (visible panty line) is a common request. While not all styles will focus on this, it's common to see seam free sports briefs in response to this common request. 


🎥  Here's a link to a video explaining 'How a Sports Bra should fit and why' 


Is there a difference between Running Underwear + Sports Underwear?

Good question! The truth is that there isn't really a difference in these two products. What a brand chooses to call its "sports undies" will mostly come down to their brand positioning and who they want to sell to. 

*Almost* all sports briefs should be able to be used for any range of sports and activities. After all, they are all designed with the same objectives in mind.

We find brands commonly call this category Running Underwear, Sports Underwear, Active Underwear or Workout Underwear. 



Are Sports G-Strings comfortable?

We often get asked if "Running in a G-String is comfortable?" and my answer is always the same. If you don't find wearing a G-String comfortable for day to day use then it's really unlikely you'll find it comfortable for working out. 

That being said the benefit often argued by Sports G-String fans is that at least there is no chance of your undies wriggling around when you run - there isn't really any way a g-string can displace 😆


What is the best underwear for Sports?

Our Sports Bra Store has seen its fair share of brands and models of Sports Underwear since our establishment in 2013. 

We find the most consistently loved (and repurchased!) brands are Runderwear, Anita Active and Jockey. 

These brands have kept Sports Briefs in their range for an extensive period, as opposed to many brands whom tinker with producing Sports Underwear and then turn their back on it a few seasons later.  

Each of these recommended brands take a different approach with significant variances in fabrication, shape, construction and price point. Finding your best Sports Underwear can involved some trial and error. 


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Our favourite Sports Underwear 

Anita Active Sports Underwear 


Anita Sports Panty

Shock Absorber x Champion Sports Underwear 




Runderwear Sports Underwear 

Running brief

Runderwear Running Brief


Running hipster bikini

Runderwear Running Hipster 


 Running G-String Thong



Jockey Sports Underwear

Jockey Sports Brief

 Jockey No Panty Line Promise

jockey running underwear

Jockey No Panty Line Promise












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