Soft cup bras in Australia - Our top picks

Soft cup bras in Australia - Our top picks

Everyone has their version of their ideal bra – thin straps, no seams, balconnet style. The list goes on and on! A style feature more and more women are wanting is soft cups, also known as a wire free bra. Many women find wireless bras to be more comfortable and suit their shape. Let’s have a deeper look at what they are and what makes them appealing.

What is a soft cup bra?

Soft cup bras, or wire free bras, provide shape and support, without the underwire that can bother or irritate some women. A common misconception is that because a bra doesn’t have underwire, it doesn’t offer support. Wrong! Underwire helps to shape and separate the breast.

A bra’s support system comes primarily from the band that runs around the ribcage and a small percentage of support is attributed to the straps.



What are the benefits of a soft cup bra?

We love educating and empowering our customers to know that underwire isn’t the only option they have. While it is easier to purchase an underwire bra because consumer habits drive bra production and creation, there are many positives to wearing a soft cup bra.

    • Many women find soft cup bras to be more comfortable.
    • Wireless bras create the non-traditional, flattened, and minimised shape that larger-breasted women tend to look for.
    • Soft cup bras are easier to wash, as there is no worry about damaging an underwire.
    • When recovering from surgery, a wireless bra is the better option.
    • A soft cup bra allows for more variance in size when someone is experiencing body changes. For example, pregnancy or weight less. There is no underwire to impede the breast increasing or decreasing rapidly.

🎥  Here's a link to a video explaining 'How a bra should fit and why'


Can women with large breasts wear soft cup bras?

The simple answer – absolutely! Bigger breasted women can definitely wear a soft cup bra and feel supported and comfortable. As we become more educated around what makes a bra supportive and well-made, many women are choosing to try soft cup bras. They tend to have less seams, multi-part cups and are obviously wireless, which some women really love.

Soft cup everyday bras for larger breasts

Anita Clara Wirefree
Clara Wirefree | 12-26 B-G
Wireless and non-moulded cup

Elomi Downtime Non-Wired Bralette
Downtime Non-Wired Bralette | 10-22 F/FF-J/JJ
Breathable and comfortable, and a concealed inner structure

soft cup bras for big boobs
Cate Non Wired | 14-26 B-G
3-piece cup with side support and straight straps



Can you wear a soft cup bra to play sport?

A soft cup bra can definitely be worn to play sport. The key is that it is well-fitted, and the bra’s features meet your sporting needs. It’s very important to choose the right bra, with the right fit, for the right activity! Compressive sports bras tend to be synonymous with also being wireless. Women like the feeling of a compressive sports bra because they feel held in and supported, with minimal breast displacement.

Soft cup sports bras

plus size sports bra

Active D+ Classic | 8-18 D-H
Wireless and full coverage

Dare Racerback Run Bra 2.0

Dare Racerback Run Bra 2.0 | 10-22 B-G
Low seam count and high impact support

Momentum Anita Active bra

Momentum | 8-24 B-H
Two-sectioned cups and wide-cushioned straps



One of the lucky ones located in Victoria? 😉

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