Large Size Bras in Australia

Large Size Bras in Australia

👋🏽  Hi, Tish here. 

As a "once was" H cup I certainly know the pain of not being able to walk in to a major retailer and find a large size bra in Australia 😩  Now, 20 years post a breast reduction I'm a way more manageable F cup but still struggle with categories I can't find at She Science (like swimwear!). 

I hope some of the questions I have answered below and my bra recommendations are a useful guide to helping you in to better bras for your big bust. For the purpose of this article I have defined "large size bras" as F-J cup. My specialty bra store in Melbourne caters for A-J cup. 


What is the best bra for big busts?

Oh, if I had a dollar for every time I was asked that! Truth is, there is no bra that is going to suit the vast array of shapes and sizes that fall under the "big bust" category.  But of course, we do have our favourites... As Bra Fitters we love finding styles that our customers adore so much they quickly return to stock up on. That's always the best compliment as a Bra Fitter 😊

Scroll down for our "favourites" from the following categories; Underwire Bras for big busts, Wire Free bras for big busts and Sports Bras for big busts. Yes, even ladies with a large cup size can exercise pain free with the right Sports Bra 😉  👌🏽



How to choose a bra for a big bust?

It's true that all shapes and sizes (big and small!) require breast support. But physics is real and the simple fact is that a large bust is heavier than a small bust and as such requires stronger support. Or in other words a big bust can't get away with low support for too long. 

Most people don't actually know that the most important factor to get right that will influence the support in the bra is actually the fit of the bra. If a bra doesn't fit it has no chance of functioning. 

So choosing a bra for a big bust must be centred around nailing the fit. 

🎥  Here's a link to a video explaining 'How a bra should fit and why'  I strongly recommend watching this if you're unsure about where the support actually comes from in a bra - it's critical to know with a large bust. ⚠️


What features should a bra designed for a big bust have? 

Bras designed to support a heavy breast will achieve this best with: 

‣ Wide shoulder straps
‣ A ribcage band made of strong stretch resistant fabric
‣ Structured cups like a light moulding (foam) or multiple sections of strong material sewn together
‣ Full coverage cups


What is the largest size bra?

Just thought I would pop in this fun fact for you! The largest recorded size of natural breast tissue is claimed to be a 102 ZZZ. My thoughts are that this size has been plucked out of thin air to exaggerate her "really large" breasts. But its documented that each breast weights 19kg and of course her bras would be custom made. 


Can you get large size bras with no underwire?

Yes you certainly can! And I love making sure women know this. The underwire in a bra has the role of defining shape (eg rounding and separating the breast), it's not actually there to support the breast as such. That being said we do find larger busted ladies can find wire free bras to feel strange because it really is quite a different experience to their norm. 

At She Science we are finding ourselves carrying more and more wire free bras suitable for big breasts because the requests keep flooding in. Scroll down and you'll see my recommendations of wire free large size bras 👇🏽



So, here's a look at our 9 favourite bras for a big bust

Underwire bras for a big bust

This range of recommended bras include underwire bras in sizes F cup, FF cup, G cup, GG cup, H cup, HH cup, J cup. 

large size underwire bras australia

Matilda | E-JJ cup 
Available in black, nude, pink and occasional seasonal colours. Matching briefs also available.


large size bras melbourne

 Charley Moulded Spacer Bra | E-HH cup
Available in black, nude and white.

large size bras australia

Estel Full Cup Bra | DD - J cup
Available in black, honey, navy + seasonal colours



Wire free bras for a big bust

These "favourite" large size bras include a range of  wire free options for F cup, GG cup and H cup ladies.

wirefree large size bras

Blossom Comfort Bra | E - H cup
Wire free comfort, can be worn as a crop or ruches down (click image for more images)

wireless bras for big bust

Enell Lite | DD - GG cup 

Front Closure wire free bra, available in a range of colours.

bras for big bust

Basic Bralette | F-H cup

Wire free comfort bra. Available in Nude (pictured), Pink and Black.



Large size Sports Bras

These "favourites" include underwire, wire free, straight back and racerback options for F cup, GG cup, H cup, HH cup, J cup ladies.


large size sports bras

Sculptresse Non-Padded Sports Bra | D - J cup

Underwire + Convertible straps + Compressive cup shape

high impact sports bra full figure
Energise Sports Bra | DD - J cup
Underwire + Convertible straps (racer back + straight straps)


high impact plus size sports bra enell

Enell Sports Bra | Sizes DD-GG 

Wire free + full covered back



One of the lucky ones located in Victoria? 😉

We'd love to see you at our private fitting suite in Camberwell. Our small team of experienced Bra Fitters will spend 30-45 minutes with you trying on a range of bras in cup sizes A-J. We work with 18 industry leading brands from all over the world, so there really is something for everyone.  We run strictly by appointment (and are often booked out) so don't forget to make a booking before you arrive for your 1:1 bra fitting 💁🏽‍♀️









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