Wire free bras for large breasts

Wire free bras for large breasts


👋🏽  Hi, Tish Tily here, co-founder and Bra Fitter at She Science in Melbourne. 

We've heard just about every underwire horror story there has been, so we truly understand the deep desire lots of women have to move to wire free bras. 

With the unfortunate prevalence of breast cancer we also see the need for great wire free bras for those having undergone treatment or preventative measures for breast cancer. 

My specialty bra store in Melbourne caters for cup sizes A - J cup and includes both wire free and underwire options, with a specialty in sport bras and everyday bras. 

Before I get started with some of our recommended wire free bras for large breasts I thought I'd answer some of the common questions we get asked both in store and online about wire free plus size bras. 


Do great wire free plus size bras exist?

The short answer is yes they do! Depending of course of what we define as plus size. We're seeing an influx of brands such as Enell and Royce specialise in wire free bras, as well as many industry leading lingerie brands add wire free bras to their range. 

Wire free bras can be found in DD-H cup fairly easily these days. 



Will a wire free bra support my large bust?

We've found over the years that women define support differently. Some women define support as pushing their breasts up. Some women define support as stopping the breast from bouncing. Other women define support as creating a  shape they find pleasing. 

As bra fitters we define support as the breasts being lifted to a position where the skin is not acting as the main mechanism for support and in turn is not being strained. When we are fitting sports bras we focus our attention on reducing the breast displacement of the breast relative to the torso movement when we're active. 

Yes, a wire free bra can certainly support heavy breast tissue so long as it is well fitted and is designed for what you are asking it to do. A slinky lounge wear wire free bra will not support you when running across the street or doing a workout. It's about choosing the right bra, with the right fit for the right application ✔️


🎥  Here's a link to a video explaining 'How a bra should fit and why'  I strongly recommend watching this if you're unsure about where the support actually comes from in a bra - it's critical to know with a large bust. ⚠️


Why do most bras have underwire?

Most bras have underwire because... drumroll... that's what most women look for when they are buying bras. Consumer habits drive production. 

For everyday bras I understand that shape is often highly regarded by women. That being that women want a nice rounded and slightly lifted shape to flatter them. If a rounded separated shape is what is desired then underwire is generally critical as it is the most effective way of doing this. This is another reason why most women choose underwire and why consumer demand is high. 


What are the benefits of a wire free bra?

If you've ever met me in store, you'll know I fly the "Wire Free Bra flag" a bit 😆 🏁

I like women to know that underwire is not their only option, even if you have large breasts. 

The benefits of wire free bras... 

  1. Wire free bras tend to me more comfortable for lots of women.
  2. Wire free bras offer a non traditional, flattened and minimised shape that lots of large breasted ladies seek (not all, but lots).
  3. Wire free bras are easier to wash as they have less metal elements that don't fair well in washing machines.
  4. Wire free bras are better options when recovering from surgery.
  5. Wire free bras allow for more variances in size should someone be on a shape change journey eg pregnancy, weight loss etc. There is no underwire to cause issues if the breasts increase or decrease in volume rapidly. 


Why are wire free bras hard to find in larger sizes?

We find in our Bra Fittings large breasted ladies often laugh at the idea of being presented with a wire free bra. This is the reason most retailers don't stock many wire free options for ladies with large breasts. The majority of big busted ladies aren't out their looking (or demanding) it, possibly because they don't believe it could work for them. 

Wire free bras are still treated as a fringe product in major department stores. So if you are looking for a fringe product in a hard to find size it's likely you'll be looking for a while. 

Our store She Science offers a range of wire free large size bras ⚡️



So, here's a look at our most popular plus size wire free bras

Everyday wire free bras for a big bust

This range of recommended bras include everyday wire free bras in sizes E cup, F cup, FF cup, G cup, GG cup, H cup, HH cup, J cup. 


wire free bras australia


Havanna Comfort Wire Free Bra | D-G cup 
Available in Crystal (as pictured above) and black. 


wireless plus size bras australia

Clara Wirefree Bra | D-G cup
Available in black, nude and white.


wireless bras for big bust

Enell Lite | DD - H cup 

Front Closure wire free bra, available in a range of colours.


wire free bras melbourne

Skyla Bra | D - F cup 

Front Closure wire free bra, available in a range of colours.




"Lounge" Wire free bras for a big bust 

These "favourite" large size wire free bras include a range of options for DD cup, E cup, F cup, FF cup, G cup, GG cup and H cup ladies. Suitable as "lounge wear" bras or quick trips out and about.

wirefree large size bras

Blossom Comfort Bra | E - H cup
Wire free comfort, can be worn as a crop or ruches down (click image for more images)

bras for big bust wireless

Basic Bralette | F-H cup

Wire free comfort bra. Available in Nude (pictured), Pink and Black.



Large size wire free Sports Bras

These "favourites" include wire free sports bra  for DD cup, E cup, F cup, GG cup, H cup, HH cup, J cup ladies.


High impact full figure sports bra

Easy-On  Support Sports Bra | C - H cup
Wire free + racer back straps

wire free sports bra
Straight straps, full coverage, compressive cup design


high impact plus size sports bra enell

Enell Sports Bra | Sizes DD-GG 

Wire free + full covered back



One of the lucky ones located in Victoria? 😉

We'd love to see you at our private fitting suite in Camberwell. Our small team of experienced Bra Fitters will spend 30-45 minutes with you trying on a range of bras (wire free is you prefer!) in cup sizes A-J. We work with 18 industry leading brands from all over the world, so there really is something for everyone.  We run strictly by appointment (and are often booked out) so don't forget to make a booking before you arrive for your 1:1 bra fitting 💁🏽‍♀️









Tish bra fitter melbourneShe Science, our Specialty Bra Store offers cup sizes A - J and band sizes 6 - 30. We work with 16 industry leading brands from all over the world. Our comprehensive Sports and Everyday Bra fitting service is available by appointment, out of our fitting suite in Camberwell, Melbourne (Australia). Come on in and we'll find you your best match taking in to account your size, shape, activity demands and personal style preferences. Our team of experienced bra fitters would love to meet you.

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