Panache Sports Bra Review

Panache Sports Bra Review

Hi 👋🏽  Tish Tily, owner of Australia's only Sports Bra store, She Science, here!

With the Panache Sports Bra being one of the most "asked about" bras both in store and online I thought it was time I jumped on the blog to do a panache sports bra review and answer some frequently asked questions 💁🏽‍♀️


Design features of the Panache Sports Bra

‣  High impact Sports Bra, reduces bounce by up to 83%
‣  Moulded cups for stability and coverage
‣  Convertible straps change from straight back to cross back
‣  Underwire, encased with padding for comfort
‣  Seam free inner cups
‣  Available in cup sizes B-J

Is the Panache Sports Bra suitable for large breasts?

The Panache Sports Bra is specifically designed for a larger, heavy bust. The design considerations made that best support a full bust include wide padded straps, firm fabrication around the ribcage, strong moulded cups and a full cup design. These design features along with the broad sizing profile that the Panache Sports Bra is produced in make it a popular choice for larger busted ladies. 

The Panache Sports Bra is available in B-J cup, 6-18 band. 

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Can the Panache Sports Bra be used for running?

The Panache Sports Bra is a high impact Sports Bra, making it a suitable choice for the demands of running. 

The Panache Sports Bra has been independently reviewed by biomechanists at the Loughborough University. Their findings showed that a Panache Sports Bra will reduce breast displacement by up to 83% when compared to bare chested running. 

Breast biomechanists will classify any bra that reduces breast displacement by over 64% to be considered "high support" bras. (Norris et al (2020). How the characteristics of sports bras affect performance).  


Does the Panache Sports Bra have underwire?

The Panache Sports Bra model 5021 is an underwire bra. The underwire is encased in a soft padding making it comfortable while out on the run, during a yoga class or if chosen to wear for day-to-day use.

There is a wire free version of the Panache Sports Bra, this is a different model all together and has the style code 7341. While these models look similar from the outside, they are rather different on body due to one having the underwire and the other one being wireless.


Does the Panache Sports Bra have moulded cups?

Yes, the Panache Sports Bra is well known for it's structured moulded cup design. These foam cups are not there to add volume (I promise!), but are rather used to create a nice stable cradle for each breast as you move during activity. 

The moulded cups work to provide a great shape, separation and lift. This shape is what makes the Panache Sports Bra loved by so many. It really is very flattering when fitted well. 

🎥  This video explains 'How a bra should fit and why'  


Panache Sports Bra v Shock Absorber Sports Bras

This is a really common question we get - which is better? Panache Sports Bras or Shock Absorber Sports Bras. 

And the answer is of course not simple. 

My short response is as follows...  If you want support via the compression method (eg to be strapped down) then you may prefer the compression of Shock Absorber Sports Bras. If you prefer to have a structured shape with good separation then you'll prefer the Panache Sports Bras.  





Panache Sports Bra size conversion

When converting Panache sizes to Australian sizes you can use the following guide: 

 Panache size 28 

Australian size 6

 Panache size 30

Australian size 8

 Panache size 32

Australian size 10

 Panache size 34

Australian size 12

 Panache size 36

Australian size 14

 Panache size 38

Australian size 16

 Panache size 40

Australian size 18



Where to buy the Panache Sports Bra?

Our Sports Bra Store, She Science, is a stockist of the Panache Sports Bra. You can shop with us in store to be fitted by an experienced bra fitter or shop online

Our in store bra fittings are available strictly by appointment, book ahead to avoid disappointment as most weeks book out. 



Current Colours in the Panache Sports Bra 

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Heather Grey 


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Just a few Panache Sports Bra reviews from verified buyers...



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Along with the Panache Sports Bra and Lingerie range we offer 18 other industry leading brands in cup sizes A-J and band sizes 6-22 so we're sure to have something to meet the demands of your activities and daily living. 

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