Best Sports Bra for running

Best Sports Bra for running

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After having fitted over 10,000 women for technical Sports Bras out of our Sports Bra Store in Melbourne I've seen and heard it all when it comes to fitting Sports Bras for runners 😆  I estimate I've seen 70,000 combinations of boobs and bras on active women 👏🏽  (yes, I just clapped myself!)

So that's my "cred" for you 😉

Before I jump in to some of our favourite Sports Bras for runners I thought we should go through some *quick* theory first. 


What is a Running Bra?

A running bra is really a high impact sports bra that suits the demands of running. It doesn't necessarily need to be called a running bra, it could simply be called a sports bra. But a bra that's well constructed for running will have a couple of special features that not all Sports Bras will. Does that make sense? 🤷🏽‍♀️

When we run our breasts move in three different directions. Up and down; side to side & in and out. So a running bra will have support features designed to control all of these movements. 

A sports bra for running may be wire free or have underwire; it could have straight straps or racer back straps - these things don't matter *so* much. So long as the bra is working to limit breast displacement in the three directions I just mentioned.



How should a Running Sports Bra fit?

A running Sports Bra must be firm, but not uncomfortably tight. There is a spectrum for what is an appropriate firmness and different people will feel comfortable on different ends of this spectrum. 

But if the bra isn't firm enough, specifically around the ribcage band, then the bra has no chance of functioning. So this is the part we absolutely must get spot on as bra fitters. 

If your bra is too loose then it will likely cause chaffing or rubbing when you run. Here's a full article about Sports Bra Chafing. As well is this it won't work to limit breast displacement as it can't "hold on" to our ribcage for stability. 


🎥  This video explains 'How a bra should fit and why' 


Do I need to wear a running bra if i'm a beginner?

Yes, you do. It doesn't matter what our ability; if we're unsupported our breasts will still bounce regardless. High Impact running bras can also be used for walking, pilates and general gym training. 

Plus, we know that breast discomfort and embarrassment is one of the reasons women choose not to partake in high impact training - so "insuring" your position with a high impact running bra is a great way to go. Don't wait until you're an established runner. 

Is underwire best in a Running Bra?

Not necessarily, in fact most of the options that I have mentioned below are actually wire free. But that doesn't make underwire bra of course. 

Most high impact bras aim to have both a degree of breast separation and also a layer of compression. In technical bra terms that means they combine elements of encapsulation support and compression support systems. 

Traditionally underwire bras are great at separating breast tissue, but not so good as offering any compression. This is why lots of ladies add a compressive crop over their underwire bras. 


What is the best Running Sports Bra?

Naturally, there is no one best bra. BUT, there are some "favourites" that would clearly be classed as most popular with runners. 

Bear in mind, your style preferences may be completely different to the runner next to you and for that reason you could end up in polar opposite styles that are both still great for running. 

When we fit customers in store we like them to have an open mind to trying new things - quite often it's the complete opposite of what we usually reach for that works best.



Our 7 favourite Sports Bras for runners...

running sports bra melbourne

Ultimate Run Bra | A - F cup
Wire free + racer back + ultra light fabrics


best running bra australia

Rebound Racer | B - E
Wire free + racer back + front adjusting straps

best running bra

Ultimate Run Bra Padded | B-F cup
Wire free + Racer Back + Moulded cup


shock absorber high impact sports bra australia

Active D+ Classic | D - H cup
Wire free + straight straps + maximum compression

Plus size running bra

Enell Sports Bra | D - H cup

Wire free + front closure + max compression

high impact sports bra for large breasts

Pro Elite Sports Bra | DD - G cup

Underwire + racer back 


High impact full figure sports bra

Easy-On  Support Sports Bra | C - H cup
Wire free + racer back straps


In Victoria? Come see us for a Sports Bra Fitting 😉

Book in a Sports Bra fitting with one of our Sports Bra Fitters. Our unique offering is available out of our fitting suite in Camberwell (we share a home with Active Feet). 

We offer 18 industry leading brands in cup sizes A-J, so we're sure to have something for you!

We run strictly by appointment (and are often booked out) so don't forget to make a booking before you arrive 💁🏽‍♀️









Tish bra fitter melbourneShe Science, our Specialty Bra Store offers cup sizes A - J and band sizes 6 - 30. We work with 16 industry leading brands from all over the world. Our comprehensive Sports and Everyday Bra fitting service is available by appointment, out of our fitting suite in Camberwell, Melbourne (Australia). Come on in and we'll find you your best match taking in to account your size, shape, activity demands and personal style preferences. Our team of experienced bra fitters would love to meet you.

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