Best Sports Bras for Horse Riding

Best Sports Bras for Horse Riding

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Before I get started, I thought I should share some of my credentials 💁🏽‍♀️

One of the reasons I stopped riding as a teenager (only to pick it up later in life again) was because of my boobs 🤦🏽‍♀️ As a teenager I was "blessed" with GG cup boobs that caused significant pain and embarrassment. I can honestly say that if the product and expertise that now exists in the Sports Bra industry was around then, I probably would never have paused my riding. In fact, it wasn't until after having had a breast reduction that I jumped back in to the saddle 🏇🏽

It was the journey above that ultimately led to the formation of my Sports Bra Store, She Science 🙌🏽

Now, 7 years, 14,000+ customers and 3 Equitana expo's on here's what we've learnt about what women choose to ride in 🦄

Features of a great horse riding bra

When trying to find your perfect Sports Bra I suggest considering the following as non negotiable features.. 

✔️    Comfortable for long periods
✔️    Full coverage cups designed to stop the breast from displacing vertically
✔️    Some degree of compression to also stop the breast from displacing 
✔️    Straps that are not highly elastic. Either very sturdy elastic or with a inelastic component to the strap design
✔️    If you're in a hot climate choose lighter fabrics and avoid moulded cups. 
✔️    Black bras age a lot better than white bras, so keep your white bras for when you really need them and use black or darker colours when you can


Best selling B-E cup horse riding Sports Bras


Shock Absorber horse riding bra australia
Wire free, racer back straps, 'light to wear' high impact bra. 
White, Black and occasional seasonal colours.
Anita Active horse riding bra australia
Wire free, straight straps, all day comfort + high support.
Black, Grey, Nude and White available.
Underwire, moulded cup, straight or racer back straps, high impact support. 
Only available in black.
Anita Active Sports Bra melbourne
Wire free, racer back straps, all day comfort + high support.
Black, Grey and Blue available.


Best selling E - J cup + plus size horse riding Sports Bras


Shock Absorber Sports Bra Melbourne
Wire free, ultra compressive, straight straps, high impact support.
Black, White and the occasional seasonal colour available.
Wire free, ultra compressive, full back, high impact support.
Black and white available.
*Please see the specific information on the product page for info regarding sizing.
Underwire, moulded cup, straight or cross back straps.
White, Nude, Black and Grey.
Skin nude horse riding bras australia
Wire free, straight straps, all day comfort + high impact support.
Black, Nude and White.
Elomi Energise Australia
Underwire, straight or cross straps, 'familiar' feel bra, up to size 22.
Black, White, Nude and seasonal colours.
Have you seen our friends Equestrian Collection? Check out Performaride here. 
If there is one piece of wisdom I could impart on you it's that if the bra doesn't fit it has no chance of functioning 🙅🏽‍♀️ So if you are in a position to come in to our Sports Bra Store for a fitting then you can be confident you'll walk out with a great result 🙌🏽
We also offer online consultations which are a great alternative for those wanting some personalised advice 📞


How a high impact bra should fit

✔️    Firm around the ribcage as this is where the support actually comes from in a bra. If this is loose it will ride up your back as you're riding and won't work to stabilise the bust as you move
✔️    Breast tissue should be completely covered. A high coverage style helps to block the breast from jumping up out of the bra when you ride
✔️    Shoulder straps should not take the weight of the bust. They are not there to offer support, but rather stability. The shoulder straps should be set firm enough to stay in place, but not too firmly that they pull at your shoulders.



Tish bra fitter melbourneShe Science, our Specialty Bra Store offers cup sizes A - J and band sizes 6 - 30. We work with 16 industry leading brands from all over the world. Our comprehensive Sports and Everyday Bra fitting service is available by appointment, out of our fitting suite in Camberwell, Melbourne (Australia). Come on in and we'll find you your best match taking in to account your size, shape, activity demands and personal style preferences. Our team of experienced bra fitters would love to meet you.