How to Shoot Hoops with the Right Support: Sports Bras for Basketball

How to Shoot Hoops with the Right Support: Sports Bras for Basketball

Ladies, if you play basketball or other high-impact sports, it’s important that you’re wearing a sports bra that provides you with the right support and comfort. 

For basketballers, our personal recommendation can be found on our Sports Bras for Basketballers collection. Here you can browse by your size and personal style preferences and buy online for our website. These bras have been curated by our experienced Sports Bra Fitters and are perfectly for super sweaty high impact sports like basketball. 

Their main features: 

  • High Impact Support 
  • Moisture-wicking fabrics 
  • Covers A-J cup sizes

Our collection of Women’s basketball sports bras are engineered to provide support to your breasts while you are playing. There are many added benefits to wearing a sports bra beyond support and comfort; our bras also look great and pair well with sports shorts or leggings.

Here are some benefits of wearing a good sports bra for basketball:

1. Comfort: Minimise breast movement and make sure your breasts will not  bounce during activity. Also, the best quality sports bras have full coverage cups designed to offer maximum coverage with no cleavage or spillage. The broad underbust and wider straps of most high impact sports bras  aim to distribute the weight of the breast evenly around the body.

2. Maintains the shape of the breast: As breasts have muscle ligaments that can end up stretching out and losing shape, it can lead to a condition of drooping or sagging breasts. Also, tears in ligaments are irreversible damage and can cause premature shape issues in basketball players. They are designed to offer support and stability and help in maintaining the shape of the breast as you exercise. These bras provide high performance with average coverage and a wide, wired comfortable supportive fit.

3. Moderates sweat build up: The new age moisture wicking fabrics found in lots of high impact sports bras for basketball can absorb sweat from the body ensuring there is no moisture build up against the skin. This will improve overall comfort and reduce the change of a bra causing chafing

4. Improve your confidence on the court: Choosing a good basketball sports bra is sure to improve your comfort, confidence and performance on game day. Remove the fiddle factor. Eliminate the embarrassment factor. So you can stay focused on your game. 

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