First Bras and Bra Fittings for Teenagers

First Bras and Bra Fittings for Teenagers

I think most of us will have some sort of painful memory from our early bra wearing days. Whether that be our first change room experience or even just those conversations we dreaded about having to wear a bra 😱

I know I did everything in my power to avoid it and ended up in a C cup as my first bra 😆 Crazy to think i now own a bra store!

I hope this article on buying bras for teens is a helpful resource to you 💁🏽‍♀️


Why it's important to have your teen fitted for a bra?

If we could save our kids from having to learn things "the hard way" we would, am I right? Most women eventually navigate in to well fitted bras by having suffered discomfort or embarrassment with their breasts for many years or even decades.

The best gift we can give our teenager is a bra fitting with an experienced bra fitter. Let them learn how a bra should fit and why from an early age so they don't have to figure it out the hard, time consuming, uncomfortable and expensive way - through trial and error. 

Getting your teen fitted for a bra early also helps them avoid picking up bad bra wearing habits from Mums, sisters, friends or alike. 



Things to consider when buying a first bra for your teen...

‣ While your Bra Fitter should take in to consideration that your teenager is growing, your Fitter should not necessarily fit a bra too big hoping that your teenager will then grow in to it. Sure, if you're trying to decide between two sizes it's sensible to go to the bigger size - but don't factor that in to your plans as such.

‣ As we all know, if a teen doesn't like something, they are highly unlikely to wear it. Make sure to go with bras your teenager likes the fit, feel and style of. She should drive the decision making as she will be the one selecting which style to wear everyday. 

‣ When breast tissue is just starting to bud a soft training crop is a great option, these can be purchased from most department stores. A bra fitting and bras produced in cup sizes are generally required from the "B cup and up stage". 

‣ Lots of teens like wearing sports bras or crops as their everyday styles. This is fine so long as they are comfortable for long periods of wear. 

‣ A sports bra or crop can be a great step up from a training bra as it'll only feel like a small step for your teenager. It won't feel like a lot of change. Plus, they should provide great support for developing breasts. 


🎥  This video explains 'How a bra should fit and why' 


Is underwire ok for a teenager?

While there has been some research to suggest that it's best to avoid underwire with developing breasts, there are other opinions that suggest this isn't necessary. 

Our advice is that for the very early days wire free bras are a safer way to go. This helps to ease your teen in to wearing bras and also means you don't need to worry about the underwire causing issues if she grows rapidly. 

Generally speaking, in a well fitted bra, the underwire shouldn't actually be touching breast tissue. The underwire is mostly an issue for teenagers are they are prone to growing rapidly - and that can be hard to keep up with. 

Once your teen is used to wearing bras, and her size has stabilised then moving to an underwire shouldn't be an issue - particularly if she is happiest doing so. After all, she is the one that needs to be content with her sports and everyday bras. 


Why are "first bras" often padded?

This is a frequent question from concerned parents. I understand that lots of women associate a padded bra with a size enhancing bra. 

But, in most cases first bras are designed with a light moulding (or padding as some people call it) to help with modesty as your daughter adapts to her new shape. This is because young girls tend to feel less exposed with a lightly moulded cup bra, as it lowers the risk of nipple show. 

To circle back to the point made above, we want your daughter to go with styles she likes the fit, feel and style of so it's important not to impart your beliefs about padded bras on to your teenager. Too often we hear "Padded bras just make your boobs look bigger" coming from concerned parents. While the intention with comments like this is understandable, it doesn't always help during the bra fitting process - particularly when a good bra fitter won't be using inappropriate size enhancing styles for their teen fittings. 


How to talk about your teens first bra fitting?

My best advice for talking to your teen about getting a bra fitted is to make sure it's a discussion that is normalised in your household. Take your daughter to your bra fittings as she starts growing up and talk about bras/boobs casually (and frequently enough!) around your family. 

Boobs are a fact of life, in some which way, shape or variety. Helping your daughter to build a positive relationship with her body (and her boobs!) will go a long way to taking the stress and anxiety away from her bra shopping experiences. 

Beginning the conversation in small bite sized chunks over the course of a few months in the lead up to your daughters first fitting is also a great way to go. Get her used to to the idea slowly.... 



Sports Bra recommendations for teen girls 

sports bra for teenagers

Royce, Impact Free Sports Bra
Wire free + racer back + light moulded cup


sports bras for teens

The Brooks range of Sports Bras
Wire free + racer back + front adjusting straps

sports bras for teens

Extreme Control 
Wire free + Straight Straps + Ultra comfortable for long periods




Everyday bra recommendations for teen girls 

Posie Comfort Bra
Wire free + Straight Straps that convert to Cross Back + light moulded cup



Wire free + Straight Straps that convert to Cross Back + light moulded cup

bras for teenagers

Understate range | Comes in wire free and underwire
Lightly moulded cups + Underwire or Wire free options


Located in Victoria? Bring your teen in for a bra fitting 😉

Book in a Bra Fitting with one of our experienced Bra Fitters. Our unique offering is available out of our fitting suite in Camberwell (we share a home with Active Feet)

Our fitting suite is perfect for teens as it ensures a very private experience - they will have the whole fitting suite to themselves which we find reduces anxiety around the bra fitting experience.

We offer 18 industry leading brands in cup sizes A-J and band sizes 6-22 so we're sure to have something for your teenager. 

We run strictly by appointment (and are often booked out) so don't forget to make a booking before you arrive 💁🏽‍♀️









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