Maternity + Breast feeding Sports Bras

Maternity + Breast feeding Sports Bras


Periods of pregnancy and breastfeeding can be a challenge at the best of times, having to cope with a rapidly changing body and fluctuations in breast size leaving women insecure and constantly under prepared to cope with their ever changing shape. 

Not only does a whole new wardrobe and set of bras need to be acquired, but you may find yourself needing to update sizes frequently. Who can keep up with that? And why is it so hard to find maternity bras in anything bigger than a D cup?! 

And one of the most common grievances we hear about is the inability to find a supportive Sports Bra so that soon-to-be or new Mum's can keep active or get moving again. 

She Science stock a range of 'Breast feeding and maternity appropriate bras'.

All the bras that fit in to this category for us in store have the following features:

Front adjusting straps that allow for breast feeding / nursing

- High to Extreme impact support so that you'll be supported for high impact training when it comes time to integrate that back in to your training

- Wire free to ensure milk ducts don't become blocked)

- High Coverage to leave you secure and supported while you move

Check out our full range here.

If you fall outside of the sizing options available in our breast feeding appropriate range (currently available in B - F cup) we highly recommend you review the following three bras that should work brilliantly for you. These three bras mentioned are all great high impact, high coverage, wire free Sports Bras, with teh only downside that you won't be able to physically breast feed from them. Check out the Active D+ ClassicMomentum and Extreme Control for these great F+ cup  options.  


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By Tish, 

Co-founder of She Science

Mum to one, with another on the way