What drives para-triathlon champion Kerryn Harvey?

What drives para-triathlon champion Kerryn Harvey?

Following on from her very personal and inspiring blog we thought we’d throw a few questions at She Science Ambassador Kerryn Harvey and let you know a bit more about this amazing para-triathlete and START Foundation founding director.

What keeps you going?   

‘’I am driven by the desire to keep pushing boundaries and seeing what I am capable of. I love training for races – the build up, the hard slog weeks, the self doubt that inevitably creeps in at some point and the ticking off the training sessions.

The sense of achievement and feeling of satisfaction and fulfilment upon completing a race is the reason I do it and it keeps me going until the next goal.’’

Jan post KerrynWhat have you done to change up your training routine that’s been helpful?

‘’In the past 12 months I have started training with others more often. I used to train solo 90% of the time but training with other like minded friends has made the sessions a lot more fun. It also keeps me accountable, and it’s great to be able to share our training and event ups and downs in a supportive environment. And of course there is often food at the end!’’

What do you think is your biggest challenge over the next 12 months?

‘’My biggest challenge is trying to achieve a number of really big sporting goals in a short time. Starting with a 3000km charity bike ride in May/June, then a Half Ironman in August, Para-triathlon World Championships in September, and then Full Ironman in December.

It will require a great deal of self management to conquer all these goals. I believe I can as I am confident I have a good, solid and sensible training strategy in place that will lead me to success.’’

181_3rd-2339536-DIGITAL_HIGHRES-1966_055616-13113253 (002)What are the three things your sport has brought to your life that you treasure most?

‘’Good health, lifelong friends and belief I can achieve anything.’’

What’s your go-to meal when you’re tired but famished?

‘’Poached eggs and smashed avo with a large, skinny, extra hot, hot chocolate.’’

Do you use tools such as visualisation, goal setting, meditation etc?

‘’I have some mantras I use regularly before and during a race. It might be about technique such as “short steps, fast cadence”, or it might be a motivational mantra such as “I believe I can so I will”.’’

How much time does your sport take up in a standard week?

‘’In a full week of training I will complete 3-4 runs, 3-4 cycle sessions, and 3 swims, plus some core strength work, and stretching and/or foam roller. It’s probably around 15 hours a week if you include any travel time. I am fortunate I am a spin instructor so 3 of my cycle sessions are spin classes. It’s nice to get paid to train!’’

Our She Science team is super excited to be following Kerryn this year as she strives to tackle some huge events one after the other. We absolutely wish her all the best!