Brooks Jubralee Review

Brooks Jubralee Review

By Jayde Finnegan, Crossfit Junkie + She Science Ambassador 


I have had many sports bras in my time, but like most woman I embarked on my journey at She Science in the wrong size and clueless on how Sports Bras worked. I, also like most woman,  believed a racer back bra provided more support compared to that of a traditional/straight back bra. Little did I know I was completely wrong. 

I first entered She Science 5 years ago, with a 'back stage pass' to all things boobs and bras, as their first ever staff member. During our first training session I was bombarded with information that would literally change the way I wear bras both day-to-day and during activity, for the rest of my life. My body shape and 'hard to find' bra size means that in most retailers I only ever have one or two options to choose from. The extensive range at She Science has offered me many different options over the years, but the Jubralee has remained my favourite 'go to' Sports Bra.  

I must admit, I am both a 'Juno' and a 'Jubralee' wearer. However when comparing the two the lighter feel of the Jubralee and freedom of the straight back straps has made the Jubralee a favourite for me

Here are the top three things I just adore about the Brooks Jubralee (formerly known at Moving Comfort Jubralee): 

1. The traditional, straight back straps 

As She Science will tell you, over 80% of your support comes from the band around the ribcage, the support does not come from the strap configuration. This is why a straight back bra can be just as strong (or stronger) than a racer back bra. Really, it’s all about the fit. Because the support comes from around our torso, this means your straps should never take the weight of the breast. The Jubralee's traditional strap option has improved the ease of getting in and out of the bra, without the loss of support. The slightly wider straps have been more comfortable for day-to-day use and when I hit the trails with my hiking pack. For me, I have found that racerback straps and a hiking pack have not been a winning combination. The double up pressure in the same area only caused neck and shoulder discomfort.

2. The lightweight feel

The Jubralee has two thinner layers of firm fabric that make up the cup, this makes it lightweight and super comfortable to wear for hours on end. It was for this reason I chose the Jubralee as my bra of choice to hike 'Everest Base Camp' in. It's double layer of material over the breasts helps to shop 'nipple show' on cold days or 'extreme temperature conditions' without having to add a moulded cup to the bra.

3. Its multi purpose use

I must admit, I live in Sports Bras. Not only do I wear them for CrossFit and hiking, I wear them day-to-day to work. So finding a bra that can transform from 'work to workout' was a game changer for me! It is the comfort of the Jubralee that allows me to wear it for up to 10 hours without feeling the pinch of a Sports Bra. It’s the feeling of security as I run around the office, knowing at any given time there is no way I am bouncing. The coverage ensures I do not have any breast tissue on show, whilst hiding nicely under a t-shirt, lined top or dress (visually you would never know!). Call me a Sports Bra Junkie, but I just love to feel supported and secure around my workplace.


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Jayde Finnegan, She Science Ambassador