Oprah’s favourite Sports Bra, the Enell Sport bra

Well if it got Oprah’s big tick of approval then you’d have to assume it’s a goodie! The Enell Sport Bra brings a fairly unique option to our bra wall. While most Sports Bras these days are designed to separate the breasts, holding each one firmly in its place on its side of the body, the Enell differs. It is a compression style Sports Bra meaning that the breasts are compressed against the chest wall, flattened slightly if you like. The bra should be fitted more firmly in order to best restrict breast displacement during activity. This results in an immediate feeling of security and in most cases extreme comfort.

Our larger busted women have responded fabulously to the ‘different factor’ that this presents, many opting for this as an alternative bra option for high impact gym sessions.

To add to the ‘different factor’, this Sports Bra goes on like a vest, and does up like a corset with hook and eyes from the front. The wide shoulder straps mean that pressure is dispersed evenly over the shoulders, and indentation from bra straps is avoided. We also like the high neckline that adds to the support factor by limiting vertical breast displacement during activity. This also helps avoid wardrobe malfunctions during any comprising yoga poses!

We stock this option in both the black and white, and find it suitable for women with cup sizes greater than DD. Most commonly we are fitting F, G, GG, H, HH and J cups in to this bra. It does have a unique sizing system, so it’s definitely best to try before you buy with this model.

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Enell Sports Bra black front fastening Enell Sports Bra white front closure Enell Sports Bra white front fastening