Wearing a Sports Bra everyday

With the shop having been up and running for just about two months now, it’s been interesting to see how many women prefer to wear a Sports Bra as an everyday bra.

I certainly don’t have any issues with this, so long as during the selection and fitting process we take in to account the fact that it will be an all-day-every-day garment.

With the exception of post surgical intervention it is generally not advised for women to be in a highly compressive bra all day, every day. This can be somewhat dangerous with underwire and may leave delicate breast tissue damaged.

However there are a number of Sports Bras on the market that could definitely be considered appropriate for everyday use. Or as I use them, for my ‘heavy hauling’ days!

These include:

1. Berlei Electrify, cup sizes A – E. Available in white, black and an array of seasonal colours. RRP $50.

Berlei Electrify Underwire white


2. Moving Comfort Luna, cup sizes B – DD. Available in white, black and latte. RRP $80.

Moving Comfort Luna moulded Sports bra

3. Berlei Full Support Sports Bra, DD – H. Available in black and white, RRP $80

Berlei Curves Full Support black Underwire traditional back bra

4. Freya Active Underwire Sports Bra, cup sizes DD – J. Available  in black, red, white and nude. RRP $80.

freya active underwire black sports bra

5. Elomi Energise, cup sizes E – J. Available in black, white and nude. RRP $85.


If you want to try wearing a Sports Bra as an everyday bra, visit us in store and we can chat about what the best options will be for your size, shape and personal style preferences.

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