Bra fit troubleshooting | Does your bra band ride up your back?

This is a new segment in my blog. FYI I plan on adding to this weekly so that I don’t throw too much information at you at once.

As I’m sure you can imagine there are plenty of mistakes commonly made with fitting bras, particularly when one neglects to have a professional bra fitting at regular intervals.

The back of the bra riding up was an obvious first place for me to start. It is my pet hate. Not because it’s an eye-sore, and I certainly don’t judge thinking ‘surely these women should know better’, but really my frustration here lies within the fact that it is a silly mistake. A silly mistake that is easy to get wrong. So easy to get wrong, that in a past life I’m sure I’ve been guilty of it myself.

Firstly, I should acknowledge that almost all women have their bra band sitting too high on their back. The bra band should sit at the same level on your back, as it does under your chest.

If your bra band rides up your back it’s not because your bra is too small. It’s because your bra band is too big. If your wearing a 12, try a 10, if your 22 try a 20… And don’t just be content with that, you may even need to make a bigger jump down in back siz (don’t forget you may need to alter your cup size too). Yes it will feel firmer, this is what we want. In order for the band to sit correctly as we move throughout the day, it does need to fit firmly.

This small issue is often also compounded into a much more unsightly problem due to the see-saw effect. That is, as the back goes up, the front goes down. The higher your back bra band rides up, the lower your breasts will sit. That’s factual, it’s simple physics! So, as one’s breasts droop lower the most common fix-it-trick employed is to…. Tighten the straps! This is where one silly mistake, becomes a multifaceted disaster. The tightening of the straps causes the back bra band to be hitched up even higher, which then leads to the breasts sitting even lower. That my friends is officially a vicious cycle!

So, just to reiterate. The straps that sit on your shoulders are a secondary means of support. They don’t have the strength to hoist your breasts upward. If you feel your boobs are sagging then get a professional bra fitting and try a more suitable style. I can guarantee your bra band size will be the first thing addressed!

Fortunately, when it comes to technical Sports Bras I don’t see this problem (the bra band hitching up) made too often. But when we do, it’s bad. Usually the victims are wearing cheap wanna-be Sports Bra brands whose materials and design just don’t cut it!

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