How often should you have your bra size measured? You asked, I’ll answer.

While fundamentally I believe every bra, Sports Bra or other, should be fitted professionally I understand that many people would find this tedious. So as a bare minimum we suggest you undergo a measurement and bra fitting every 2 years if ‘nothing’s changed’ or if you have gained or lost weight, every 3kg.
That last point is particularly important. While all women will stack on their weight differently, even a 3kg variance can dramatically change your bust size.
For most of us, our bra size will chop and change for the duration of our life. This is due to the number of stages our body goes through from puberty, pregnancy, lactation periods, menopause and in some instances illness; not to mention the yo-yo weight loss and weight gain patterns that many of us endure.
While we are on the topic of weight gain, it’s important to highlight that gaining weight does not just lead to a jump up in back size. It’s more complicated than that. If you are unaware of the concessions that need to be made in cup size with any change in back size then read here: What you never knew about bra sizing… and cup volume).
Luckily, any well trained bra fitter will be well aware of the complex cup volume sizing structure and will ensure every box is ticked in your bra measurement and fit. So if you’re in doubt – ask a professional!

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