5 Reasons you need to wear a quality Sports Bra

1. Protect your assets

The breast has two naturally occurring support structures, the skin and tiny weave like ligaments called the Coopers Ligaments. These are both easily damaged and cannot be repaired. So to ensure you maintain the integrity of your breast shape then its best you ensure these natural support systems don’t take all the load during rigorous exercise.

2. Comfort is key

A well supported breast will bounce less (or in technical terms, will endure less vertical and lateral displacement), which will in turn have your breast moving at a slower velocity and in line with your torso motion. This can significantly reduce or eliminate Exercise Induced Breast Discomfort.

3. Improve your performance

The secure feeling a well fitted technical Sports Bra leaves you with will ensure your concentration can stay on achieving your performance goals. Eliminating the discomfort of bouncing breasts and the irritating ‘fiddle factor’ of a poor Sports Bra can go a long way in improving ones performance.

4. Confidence boost

You won’t be put off high impact activity due to embarrassing bouncing breasts. Many teenage girls and women opt out of activity all together as they feel humiliated by their out of control breasts. This can easily be conquered by a firm fitting, full coverage Sports Bra. So there’s no reason to be stuck watching from the sidelines.

5. Enhance your shape

Traditionally Sports Bras have ‘squished and squashed’ breasts firmly against the chest wall leaving the dreaded uni-boob (aka monoboob!). Nowadays most technical bras will cradle each breast separately and hold them firmly in place using non stretch materials to leave you with a great shape.

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