Bras we love for horse riding!

(with the Melbourne Cup in Melbourne this weekend I just couldn’t keep this blog post to myself any longer!)

Dressage, show jumping and cross country horse riding disciplines should be considered amongst the highest impact activities in regards to breast motion. Because it isn’t a weight bearing activity it is often overlooked by the Sports industry.

As a rider myself I have come up with a list of our top options for horse-riding, each of them having one main thing in common….

High coverage.

Coverage is key!

While we don’t want to strangle anyone with a Sports Bra, a stand out feature for any high impact activity is the amount of breast coverage it gives.

To put it simply, firm materials used in Sports Bras are there to reduce movement. For sports that induce high amounts of vertical breast displacement (typically bouncing, jumping activities like horse riding, running and aerobics) the higher the neckline of the bra (aka coverage) the better chance it has of offering support to reduce vertical breast displacement.

Of course, this is not the only feature we require when selecting a high impact Sports Bra. But you have read my writing on bra band fit, firm materials, strap configurations many a time before! Coverage, has not yet received that glory.

And naturally ones size and shape will dictate best what options will work for each individual.

Here is our list of the Sports Bras we are most likely to explore with Horse-riders in store.

1. Enell Sport

2. Berlei Ultimate Performance

3. Shock Absorber Active D+ Classic

4. Panache Sport

5. Brooks Juno

Happy riding ladies

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