Why there are three hook settings on a bra 🤯

Why there are three hook settings on a bra 🤯

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It used to stagger me how many ladies didn't actually know why there are three sets of eye clasps on the back of the bra, but with so much misinformation about bras and bra fitting out there it's really not actually a huge surprise. 

⚡️NEWSFLASH⚡️These three settings are not there to allow for three different sized ladies 🙅🏽‍♀️

Those three settings have one of the most important roles in a bra, which is why you won't see many bras in our store without this important feature 💁🏽‍♀️

So here goes....

Those three settings are intended to negate the effects of stretch in the garment over time💡

Bras are designed with this feature so that you can maximise your support and the lifespan of the bra 🙌🏽

The intention is that you buy a bra that is firm on the loosest setting (that's the one closest to the end), then as the bra stretches you move it to the middle setting and then again to the tightest setting with further stretch 🤗


Why there are hooks on a bra


Bras will most certainly "give" over time. Both wearing and washing bras will cause the band around the ribcage to stretch ⚠️

Given that most of the support comes from the band that runs around our ribcage (didn't know that? 👉🏽 read this!) if we couldn't adjust this as the bra stretched then the bra would lose it's support very quickly 😱

This is why you should never buy a bra that isn't firm on the loosest setting 🙅🏽‍♀️

With the only exception to this rule being for people that are planning on growing. For example young girls or pregnant women, who may wish to be fitted on the tightest or middle setting to allow for a rapid expansion of the ribcage 🤰🏽

So there you go - now you know why those three settings exist and how to get the best out of your bras. I think you'll agree, this is one of those things that would have been good to know in the early days so don't forget to tell your daughters 👩‍👧


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