Signs you are in the wrong size bra

Signs you are in the wrong size bra

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Buying bras is complicated 🤯, we get it. And with very little assistance on hand at mainstream Australian retailers you can certainly be forgiven for getting it wrong. 

In an effort to declutter all the advice and opinions out there and help you better understand where your bras may be failing you here are the 4 most common signs you are in the wrong size bra 💁🏽


The underwire pokes in to you 

We can all agree, this is such a horrible way to live out a day 😬. There are two reasons underwire will poke in to you during the day. If the cup size is too small the cups will be sitting against breast tissue unable to properly surround the entire breast. When the cup size is fitted properly the underwire won't sit against breast tissue but rather surround the breast tissue, sitting against the sternum and ribcage 🙌🏽.

The other reason underwires will poke you is much less commonly understood by women. That being, if the ribcage band is too big then the underwires will shift from side to side as you get about your daily living. When the ribcage band is fitted properly the underwire sits snug against our ribcage (not breast tissue) unable to shift around 💡. 

💡  FYI Did you know some of our most popular bras for larger cup sizes are wire free?


The shoulder straps dig in

If the shoulder straps are digging in to your shoulders excessively this will generally be a result of a ribcage band that is too big. The ribcage band is responsible for holding the weight of the breasts. If it's too loose then it can't support the breasts as intended and the weight of the breasts are transferred to the shoulder straps. Unfortunately, unbeknown to most, the shoulder straps are not designed for this 😲. The shoulder straps should just be working to stabilise the breasts, not as the main support system. They are rather elastic after all, it would be a big ask for an elastic strap to support the weight of our breasts day in day out! 

So if your straps are digging in, it's a sure sign your bra is not fitted well. 


The band around your ribcage moves and rides up

If your ribcage band gradually (or suddenly for that matter) rides up your back it's a definite sign that your ribcage band is too big. The looser the band the higher it will eventually move up your back. This is because once secured, the ribcage band is going to naturally sit at a point that is the correct girth for the bra. So you can't cheat your way out of getting this right 😆 A ribcage band that is too big is bad news from a support point of view, but it's also generally regarded as quite unflattering from the front too. This bra fitting faux pas is responsible for removing ones waist and creating a "thicker" midsection 🤭.


The cups give you "double boob" 

A commonly known sign that you are wearing the wrong size is the dreaded "double boob" look. That being that breast tissue spills up and over the cups 🤨. A constant battle for larger cup ladies that can be easily avoided if you can track down a store that carries larger cup sizes. This spillage is caused by the cups being too small or almost as commonly, the style/cut of the cup simply not being a good match for your bust shape. 


So if you are one of the 8/10 Australian women experiencing one or all of the above signs then it may just be time to get a bra fitting.



Tracking down an independent retailer that specialises in your sizing will definitely be your best way to go. A good independent retailer should not only be stocking the sizes that our major department store lack, but they'll also have well trained Bra Fitters on site to help.  

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