Wearing two Sports Bras | Why this could be a thing of the past...

The most common line I get from customers that have not yet experienced the delight of a technical Sports Bra goes something along the lines of “I currently wear a heavy duty every day bra under a crop top to feel supported”.  This scenario has trained much of the active female population to believe that two bras are the only way to go for exercise.

Traditionally Sports Bras have been made of elastic type materials to allow the bra to give as we move. This was supposed to ensure we were comfortable during activity.  Now a days, design teams understand the flaw in that theory. Sports Bras need to be made of firm materials to restrict excessive breast motion. So the days of buying the smallest elastic crop top you could find, to stretch out to its max so you feel supported, are done and dusted.

A bit of background on support systems in Sports Bras for you. There are two methods of bra construction to offer support, compression & encapsulation. Compression is the obvious ‘squeeze & squash’, squeezing the breasts together and squashing them against the chest wall. The Encapsulation technique holds each breast separately and firmly, much like that of our day to day underwire bras.

Most (but not all!) technical Sports Bras rely on the encapsulation method of support, along with a degree of compression overlying this.  This dual system of support mimics the double bra set up that so many women have been doing for years now but eliminates the uni-boob outcome.

So, for most there is no need to layer up if you’re using a technical Sports Bra.
Of course, because some women are used to strapping their girls down so firmly it may be that they always feel more secure with a second layer, an argument that is difficult for us to disagree with. Other alternatives to this could include wearing a singlet with a shelf bra in it, or using a compression singlet over the top of your Technical Sports Bra.
My words of advice are to be open to the idea of freeing yourself from wearing two bras at the one time. While if done safely there is nothing necessarily wrong with having two bras on at once for a short period, there is an obvious hassle, inconvenience and cost to living this way! The only dangerous move I do see made with the double bra, is when the strap configuration of both bras are the same, which can cause the straps to dig in too firmly. So if you are a two bra kind of girl then make sure you use bras with differing strap configurations.

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