Getting the ribcage band fit RIGHT

Commonly we see women fit themselves in to bras that are too loose around the bra band, and too small in the cup size. The bra band is the anchor of the bra, it is essentially the most integral part of any bras support system. While we may get away with a bra band that doesn’t fit snuggly in our everyday bra, our Sports Bra is another story.

The natural support structures in the breast, the skin & Coopers Ligaments are sadly both delicate structures that can’t endure the demands of high impact physical activity. Both the skin & Coopers Ligaments are easily damaged, and once damaged cannot be repaired. This is why we require the Sports Bra to give us additional support in the first place.

So during a Sports Bra fitting your fitter should pay particular attention to the firmness of the bra band around your rib cage. Expect that this will feel firmer than most of your everyday bras.

Most technical Sports Bras will use a wide band of support around the side and back of the bra, this ensures that your firm fitting bra band leaves you with a great line through your back and sides.

And it’s not just the support factor that is affected by an ill-fitting bra band, being in a Sports Bra that is fitted too loosely around the back can result in chaffing and horrible bra burn, a pain that is enough to put anyone off being active!

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