Caring for your Sports Bra / 4 ways you can prolong it’s useful life

Sadly, like any technical piece of apparel all Sports Bra will eventually lose their ability to function at their best. But there are a few ways that we can prolong the useful life of our work out bra…

Choose when you wash your Sports Bra wisely. The technical fabrics used in quality Sports Bras will loose their functional ability with washing. While most of us will sweat up a storm when we exercise, their may be times after a gentle work out like a walk around the park with friends or post a yoga class, that washing the bra may be unwarranted. Choose these times to prolong the life of your bra by hanging it up in the bathroom or laundry instead of submitting it for washing. You could easily improve it’s lifespan by upward of 20% by being mindful of this.

Save your hook and eye clasp. The hook and eye clasp is often the first thing I see ‘go’ in Sports Bras. There are two simple ways to combat this. Firstly, always use a lingerie bag. A lingerie bag is a much better option when it comes to saving your clasps than the ball bra washers found in some retailers. Secondly, ensure that all clasps are fastened before placing the neatly folded bra in your lingerie bag. It is unlikely that the clasps will undue and cause havoc in a household washing machine. Folding your bra before placing it in the bag helps to ensure this.

Avoid using fabric softeners. Fabric softeners are a highly effective way to improve the feel of your laundered goods, but unfortunately when it comes to technical fabrics they are also particularly damaging. Such softeners line your garments with wax like chemicals that will damage the materials ability to both breathe and wick moisture from the skin.

Hang dry. As a general rule line drying all lingerie is the safest way to go. This avoids burning delicate materials found in technical fabric like silver and other antibacterial compounds. Tumble drying will promote a loss in shape, twisted straps, tangling with other clothing and damage to the shape of your underwire – all of which will decrease both the lifespan of your Sports Bra and it’s ability to provide optimal shape & support. When hanging your bra to dry always hang from between the cups, and not from one of the straps which will cause your Bra to quickly lose it’s shape.

You should expect to get 9 good months out of a Sports Bra that you are wearing for 3 workouts a week. With all of the above being simple to follow care instructions there should be no reason to end up with a lack luster Sports Bra before its reaches it’s intended expiry date.

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