“That Berlei Bounce Commercial”

I love the interest that people are showing in the Berlei ad that is currently being played on Australian TV. I have had tons of family and friends reference it in recent conversations. Most of the conversation really questioning why they chose women with small breasts to play the roles of their swiss-ball-bouncing models, when obviously the issue they are addressing is more of a concern for women with large breasts.

I’ve thought a bit about why they may have done this, and am yet to decide whether I think it was a good way to go. I suppose their are two lines of thought for this.

They make reference to a 12B breast, which looks to be around about the size of their models. One reason they may have done this is that many women are under the illusion that it is only bigger busted women that require support. So for that reason I can understand why the quote “during exercise a 12B breast bounces up to 8 centimeters when unsupported” could serve to alarm all the smaller busted viewers out there. I can’t possibly argue with educating women of all shapes and sizes about the importance of breast support during activity.

Saying that, if we are to look at the numbers and consider the importance of speaking to your key demographic in such a costly campaign it does seem a little strange. 12B was the average bra size…. IN 2000! In 2010 the average recorded bra size was actually reported as 12D. Berlei would have the best sales stats on this.

As it is commonly known women with larger breasts experience more frequent and severe exercise induced breast pain. So if we were to think with our marketing hats on  shouldn’t this really be the audience they are choosing to target? Hmm.

At the end of all that I am personally still left pondering what percentage of their audience may draw relevance with the intended message of the otherwise very informative ad. But either way I am glad they are getting the message out there and applaud them on the great commercial that has got plenty of people talking!


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