Sports Bras for teens

It wasn’t all that long ago that I was in fact an embarrassed teenager being dragged from store to store in search of an appropriate bra. I’m 29 years old now, but I can’t seem to shake those awkward memories. So helping teenagers is a particular special interest of mine in store. We enjoy being able to provide a welcoming and teen-appropriate service.

We know that most teen girls are not wearing a supportive bra for sport and activity. This sadly tends to form a pattern that flows in to their adult hood. While the outcome of fittings for teenager’s doesn’t differ greatly to that of an adults there are a few variations to our teenage fittings.

  1. Fashion plays more of a roll, and we accept this.

We want all ladies to feel comfortable and confident in the Sports Bra they are fitted with in store. But for teenagers it’s particularly important they are also happy with the look of the bra, as well as the fit and feel. This will result in them wearing the supportive bra more often. It’ll also have them feeling confident in communal change rooms they are often subjected to.


2.  Bras that allow for changes in breast volume are explored first.

Some bras will allow for fluctuations in breast volume. This is a great feature for teenagers that are growing rapidly. Given we will never leave ‘growing room’ in a Sports Bra, this is the next best thing. These bras typically have front adjusting straps and are non-underwire.


3.    A little less poking + prodding

It’s only natural for teenagers to feel awkward in a change room with a bra fitter. While it’s important we take accurate measurements and fit the bra to the body, we are aware most young women are not comfortable with being touched so we try our best to keep this to an absolute minimum.


4.   All sizes are worthy of support

It’s not just the D cup+ girls that need to worry about support during sport. Remember pain, discomfort and embarrassment are not linked to the size of breasts. All young women are fitted with supportive bras that are appropriate for their size and shape. Not only will this have young ladies feeling secure and confident during their activity, but it engrains in them the importance of support & breast health which will benefit them for a life-time.

I talk to so many women who clutch at their D cup + breasts claiming they are just ‘small’ and don’t need to worry about support. Realistically, not many of these women are aware of their real size. They aren’t as small as what they were when they were in high school, yet they still believe they are flat chested and don’t require support.

Mums often ask me in store when their teenage girls breasts will be fully developed. There is obviously not one simple answer for this. However, it does tend to be around 17-18 years old that they will be fully matured. Or, some research suggests 4 years post the commencement of their first menstruation. Remembering however that changes in weight, menstruation, ageing and pregnancy can all dramatically change the size of the breast, so very few people remain one size their entire lives.

Our in store range comprehensively caters for young women. A lot of teenage girls present with very small backs, so we carry some of our popular units in band sizes 6, 8 and 10. These 6 and 8 back bras are available in up to G cup. We also have a range of functional yet colourful racer back bras which tend to appeal to younger shoppers.

We look forward to helping you and your teenager daughters in to a better Sports Bra.


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