Are you wearing the right Sports Bra?

We’ve all heard the stat that 8/10 women don’t wear the right size bra, but what comes next may shock you. It has been suggested that 73% of women who exercise regularly don’t do so in a Sports Bra.

As an ambassador for the technical Sports Bra industry these numbers scare me, but as I survey the women around me in my group fitness classes it’s easy to see that they are accurate.

I believe there is a general misunderstanding as to what a Sports Bra actually is. For years we were educated to believe Lycra crop tops sold in sports stores were our only option. This could have been the case 10 years ago, but since then the Sports Bra industry has come a long way.

Now-a-days it’s not all just about the ‘squish and squash’, and breasts larger than a C cup can now be well supported during activity.

Here are my top tips to finding your best Sports Bra:

1. Hook and Eye clasps are essential.

If you’re able to stretch your Sports Bra over your head without the use of any clasps then the chances you are only getting a mild amount of support from your bra. The stretch in the fabrics will not restrict bounce as you move during activity. The lifespan of your bra will improve significantly with this small feature.

2. Firm materials offer the best support

Most technical Sports Bras use firm, non-stretch materials in their cups. This helps reduce movement by stabilising breast tissue. It also leaves a firm secure feeling of support. We will sometimes see these firm materials represented as moulded cups. Women of all shapes and sizes can explore moulded cup bras. They can be the most flattering, particularly for larger busted ladies!

3. Coverage is key

‘Push up’ and ‘Sports Bra’ should never be used in the same sentence. It’s simple really, a Sports Bra that leaves cleavage will not block the vertical escape route of breast tissue and has no chance of reducing breast displacement. This can be particularly evident during low impact activities like Yoga and Pilates where we are often found bending or leaning over.

4. Underwire V Non-underwire

I believe the decision for underwire or non-underwire really is up to the wearer. But it should be noted that underwire is there to enhance shape, not to offer support. With so many advances in the design and construction of technical Sports Bras in the last 10 years you can now get a great shape out of some non-underwire bras that offer top support too.

5. It’s all about the fit

Getting the fit right is crucial as most of the support is generated by the bra band around your back. The biggest mistake made is wearing the bra band too loose. If this doesn’t sit firmly around you the bra band will ride up and down, and following the see-saw effect, so will your bust. A loose bra band is also the biggest cause of bra chafing.

Good luck with your Sports Bra shopping!

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