How to put a Sports Bra on, properly!

Something important to note is that if your bra is not put on correctly it may appear to fit incorrectly. This can often happen when people are fitted in to a new bra size and are not educated on how to put it on properly.

When it comes to your Sports Bra, if your Bra is able to stretch wide enough to be put on over your head like a T-Shirt then it’s unlikely the materials will offer enough firmness to give you adequate support. Of course this is a general rule, their are exceptions to this as it does depend on your bust size and activity demands.

For bras with a traditional ‘U’ shaped back it is best to follow the swivel technique to put your bra on. This means doing the hook and eye clasps up to the appropriate hook (generally the loosest with a new bra) at the front of your body under your bust, and then swiveling the bra around to have the hook and eye fastening in place. You can then place each arm through it’s strap should you have adequate shoulder joint range on motion. Each breast can then be scooped forward and inward to ensure they are sitting forward in the bra and out of the way of any underwire.

The swivel technique generally has the back band sitting slightly lower than if you were to put it on from the front. A mistake I commonly see is that women will often have the back band of their bra sitting too high. If the back of your bra sits too high, it means your chest will sit low and droop. The swivel technique helps to eradicate this.

For racer back style bras you should ensure that any front fastening straps are loosened, and hook and eye clasps undone before putting the bra over your head. Once the bra is on the breasts can then be scooped forwards to leave the bra band sitting on the rib cage. Once this is done then the hook and eye fastening can be secured.

If your bra has front fastening straps eg. Moving comfort Juno, Jubralee or the Rebound racer these should be tighened once your breast tissue has been scooped forward and your back band is secure. Remembering that the straps that sit on our shoulders are a secondary means of support, they should not take the weight of the breast so should sit firmly across the shoulders, not tightly.

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