Escaping your Comfort Zone

Escaping your Comfort Zone

“The more you live inside your comfort zone, the smaller it becomes”

Your comfort zone, look at it, it’s easy, it’s safe, it’s not going to hurt you or stress you out…. And who wants stress or pain?

But I tell you what it’s not going to do… It’s not going to challenge you, it’s not going to have you high fiving yourself on a job well done, but most of all, hanging out in that safe place won’t show you what you are truly capable of.

Someone once said that the moment we stop learning we start dying..

I’m just a regular chick, I’m not all that fit, not all that coordinated, not all that physically skilled at much. But ever since my early 20’s I’ve had this desire to try new things… My first overseas trip was South America solo, then a mate suggested Everest Base Camp, yeah ok, let’s take up triathlons, sure, run a half marathon in 45 degrees, marvellous idea, 25km mountain race while on holidays in France, I’m in! Without question, ALL of them hurt like a b*tch (and at some point during them I declared I’d never ever put myself through anything like this again) but man oh man, the satisfied buzz from all of them still lingers now, years after they each happened!

So now I find myself on what’s thus far the biggest leap outside of my comfort zone…I’ve flown with my boyfriend to Canada on a one way ticket, with nothing but bicycles to get us from here to Mexico and beyond..over 5,000kms. We are 5 days in, and everything hurts, there are a lot of crazy hills. But so far a rather nice combo of pleasure and pain. Physically I am waaay out of my comfort zone, but also financially…there is no money coming in for a long time, and for a control freak like me, not knowing where we will be tomorrow let alone next week is a challenge in itself. But it all adds to the fun!

Richelle taking on Canada

Richelle taking on Canada

The roads hot and hard, but we have slept the last 3 nights out under the stars, without the tent by some of the most beautiful lakes and rivers I have ever seen….it’s so worth the challenge. And I know if I can do this I can do anything!

You don’t have to ride 5000kms to get outside the boundary of your comfort zone. Go explore a new park, try a new recipe, shop at a new market, pop up to Lake Mountain for a day and do a cross country skiing lesson (best experience crowds on the trails!), camp somewhere random, take a road trip and stay at a country pub, or jump on your bike with a little backpack, and a credit card, cycle somewhere, stay at a motel and ride home, 10km or 100km, it’s up to you! Or if you are feeling super adventurous, come over and join us for a few days, weeks or months on the trail!

Stepping outside of your comfort zone can only enhance your life…so give it a go. And please share with me the fun stuff you have planned!!

By Richelle Olsen, She Science Ambassador, founder of The Ultra Life events

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Richelle is a She Science Ambassador with an enthusiasm for life that rivals any other. You’ll find this adventure junkie out on the trails most weekends whether that be running, hiking or mountain biking. Richelle is a great role model for stepping outside of your comfort zone and continues to inspire us as she does so. Richelle and her partner, operate ‘The Ultra Life’ that run adventure riddled escapes both locally & internationally. Follow Richelle and her bike adventure through Canada and beyond via @theultralifevents or or facebook.

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