Breast feeding Sports Bras for new Mum’s

Breast feeding Sports Bras for new Mum’s

By Libby Nuttal, founder of Miracle Months


After the birth of my first son in 2013, I couldn’t wait to get back into training and was eager to pound the pavement. But alas! Those lovely little B cup beauties had grown to the size of a grapefruit!

Layered up with a random variety of sports crops and feeding bras, I began my journey back to fitness; sometimes not-so-delicately pulling them up to feed my son on my run! Not only was I uncomfortable and unsupported, I felt like I couldn’t do the sorts of training I wanted to.

Enter the Brooks Juno.

Breast feeding Sports Bra

Second time around I would make no such mistakes. The Juno has the high coverage and support needed for high intensity exercise as well as running, but has the added functionality and ease of feeding on the go.

Despite feeling like you’re wrestling an alligator to get it on, once over your head it feels like a suit of armour, giving you the confidence to run, jump, ride your way to fitness. There’s no way those bad boys will stop you now!

Rather than a clip mechanism to help feed, the straps are adjustable at the front, making it super easy to feed out in public, no alligator-wrestling required. The front adjusting straps also mean you can pull them a little tighter when you’re more empty after a feed, so you’re always fully supported no matter what size.

Why would you need a bra you can feed in? I often take my sons on my walks, runs or workouts in the park, when a crying baby means a quick pit-stop. Or sometimes my workouts go a little longer than expected and I come back to a hungry bub who wants a feed then and there.

As mums we take the chance to workout whenever and wherever we can. Gone are the days of hitting the gym whenever we please or dashing out for a run anytime of the day. So it’s good to know there is a bra, in a range of fabulous colours, that can support me whenever I can squeeze in my workouts.

I recommend visiting She Science to be properly fitted for the Juno, you need just the right fit to give the ladies the support they need

By Libby Nuttal

libby nuttal

Libby is a pre and post natal personal trainer in the Macedon Ranges. When she’s not hanging with her two sons, husband and Weimaraner (a.k.a; the boys), she is running high intensity fitness classes, volunteering as the president of the local playgroup, or working on her new range of pre and post natal wellness programs, Miracle Months. Libby had her second son in December 2015 and is loving sharing the journey back to fitness and strength post baby with her social media following. This year she is looking forward to competing in a number of runs and obstacle races. Follow Libby via Miracle Months facebook & instagram.