Bra fit trouble shooting. Are you a Cup-Spilling-Culprit? A guide to Cup Spillage.

We’ve probably all been guilty of this somewhere along the line… I can recall a few scenarios that have left me as a Cup-Spilling-Culprit myself actually. That is when I’ve tried to squeeze in to one of my ‘skinny bras’, grabbed a not-quite-the-right-fit option at a sale or when I went through that stage that I was just downright not willing to accept my cup size!

For me, this is an obvious one, if you’ve got more than two bulges on your chest, you’re committing the crime of Cup Spillage. Most commonly this presents as the breast falling out of the top of the cup, not to be confused with cleavage.

While having cleavage hanging out could not be any less my style, I acknowledge that many consider it theirs. The difference between Cup Spillage and Cleavage is that Cleavage still leaves you with an evenly shaped mass of breast tissue. Cup Spillage will have you looking as if you have 4 boobs, amoung my girlfriends it’s aka ‘double boob’, a result of the upper edge of the cup digging in to breast tissue.

Cup Spillage is sadly not limited to the top of the cup. It’s common to see breast tissue spilling from the side of the bra, around the underarm area too. A double whammy when one is guilty of both!

While it’s important to note these variances, you should know, there is only one cause for both. If your spilling out of your cup, your cup is too small… it’s not rocket science!

If you’ve experienced this problem in the past then its best you have a professional Bra fitting to ensure you don’t make any other innocent mistakes when you’re transitioning to a new size.

Here are some points for you to take to the change room:

– You will need to go up a cup size, or two, or three. Be prepared for this.

– If you have a ‘wide set breast’, that is a breast that starts right back around your underarm, you will be limited to the styles of bras you can wear. Get advice on what of the season’s stock will work best for you from the Bra fitter.

– When you change your cup size, you often need to change your back size too. This may not be the case in all circumstances, but you definitely need to be mindful of this.

– Stick to full, or three quarter full cups. That means going for bras that offer full coverage, not plunge or balconette bras.

Thankfully, this is a problem that is seen less often with Sports Bras as they do tend to offer more coverage. If your spilling out of your Sports Bra then you are in trouble!

Good luck!!

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