Would you let the world see you run in your Sports Bra?

I’ve always envied those women that traipse around the track in their compression tights and Sports Bra, not a care in the world about their body shape. Sadly, I have never been able to strut my stuff with such confidence.
But when I ask ‘Would you let the world see you run in your Sports Bra?’ I’m not really referring to that sort of performance.
I mean to say, would you be embarrassed about how much your bust wiggles and jiggles as you move?! Are you confident you are sporting the right size?
I recently had a friend in to do some bra testing and undergo my treadmill analysis, and although I knew she was keen to be of assistance, it was clear she was seriously uncomfortable when it came to testing her own personal Sports Bra options. I say ‘options’ as she brought along a bag full of her current ‘Sports Bras’, some dating back more than 10 years old, others atrociously labeled as Sports Bras when really they offered no functional support and 2 she admitted were purchased blindly online. She had an eclectic mix of things she used, generally layering one over the other. And just to make things even worse for her not one of the options actually fitted, most not even close.
As she strongly declared “I can’t believe I am doing this in front of you” it got me thinking… Why is she then willing to exercise in such a state behind the comfort of a loosely fitted t-shirt?! Well that’s what us women do, isn’t it? We’re used to masking our problems & covering our flaws!
The good news is, after being fitted into a more functionally appropriate bra that actually fitted and flattered her, I’m not sure she’ll feel that same sense of shame should she ever need to whip off her gear in front of her gal pals!
Lastly, i just wanted to make something very clear, I never judge women on what Sports Bra they present with, or what sort of support they workout in. There’s a simple reason for this. To date there has been very little service and education around Sports Bra selection. There is no standardisation of product and seems to be no enforced rules about what brands can categorise their articles as. So how can I expect that you get it right all on your own? Particularly when just a few years ago that was me, blissfully unaware that there was something better for me out there.

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