Sports Medicine Australia ‘Be Active’ conference, Deirdre McGhee

This weekend saw me trek to Sydney for Sports Medicine Australia’s annual conference. SMA has recently funded a project led by Breast Health Researcher Deirdre McGhee to increase the awareness of Breast health in sport. They have recently put out a brochure titled ‘Exercise & Breast Support’ that is available to download via their website, the link to this is listed below.

Deidre spent the hour detailing mistakes that women commonly make in both bra selection and fit. I’ll be blogging on all of this in greater detail in the coming months. It was also interesting to meet and chat with many physiotherapists, exercise physiologists and general practitioners about the implications that poor bra fit can have on women’s health. Most of this centred around neural impingement (generally from tight straps digging in to the trapezius muscles) and thoracic kyphosis.

It’s great to see Sports Medicine Australia acknowledging the need for greater education on breast health in the community.

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