Is it ok to wear a Sports Bra everyday? Read on…

Most women I’ve met and fitted enjoy the security of being in a Sports Bra, so it’s no surprise that I am often asked if it’s ok to wear a Sports Bra all day.

I suppose it depends on the bra….

Breast tissue is often referred to as delicate tissue. The female breast has no superficial musculature. It really is just made up of fatty tissue, fibrous connection tissue and glandular tissue (the milk ducts & lobules), along with of course, skin. All being soft and malleable.

Sports Bras nearly always use compression to control breast motion. It’s not been confirmed from a scientific point of view, but the general consensus is that 8, 10, 15 hours of compression on breast tissue is not just unnecessary, but may break down the delicate tissue fibres and lead to both bruising and pain.

Noting aswell that we already know that upward of 75% of women are not in the right size bra (most of these being in bras that are too small!). So an incorrectly fitted bra, with underwire already sitting against breast tissue instead of the rib cage, coupled with 10 hours of compressive force, repeated day-in-day-out would be a cause for worry.

On the flip side, I have one or two Sports Bras that I have road tested and deemed not controlling enough for high impact activity. I use these for every day living. They very much so mimic the design of an everyday Sports Bra, but with a technical / exercise appropriate material.

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