How to prevent Breast Sag?

Breast Sag, or in the scientific world Breast Ptsosis is a natural part of aging. Breast Sag will occur when the two support structures of the breast, the skin and the coopers ligaments become irreversibly damaged.

The size and shape of our breasts change as we go through different phases of life. Good examples of these are during puberty, pregnancy, periods of lactation, menopause and most certainly when we lose or gain wait. All these things having an effect on the skin overlying our breasts.

So on their own the aforementioned stages of life that we pass through will contribute significantly to our breasts sagging.

There is no evidence to prove that exercising in no or an unsupportive bra will contribute to the development of Breast Ptsosis, as long term research studies have not been able to exclude variables such as ageing etc.

However the industry still believes that there is a significant chance that damage to the skin and coopers ligaments does occur during physical activity, made much worse by having unsupported breasts.

So right now, the only way I believe you may be able to slow down the rate of Breast Ptsosis is maintain the integrity and elasticity of the skin by not smoking, and to ensure you are exercising in functionally supportive Sports Bra.

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