Why women don’t wear Sports Bras

It’s been suggested that 73% of women who exercise regularly don’t do so wearing a Sports Bra. When I first read this figure I was genuinely shocked.
Australian Researchers Julia Steele, Kelly Anne Bowles & Bridget Munro took things a little further and conducted a study to determine exactly what is was about commercially available Sports Bras that didn’t leave a good impression on their female market.
The most common despised feature of the modern day Sports Bra was reported by those surveyed as ‘the straps’; with two main complaints, straps that dig in and straps that slip.
But it didn’t stop there, other annoyances included clips & fastenings diggings in, bra bands creeping up & irritating rubbing from stitching.
And aside from those physical irritations, women were not happy with the cost, colour, neckline and fabric of the bras either. So both the cosmetic and functional design features were challenged.
Given there has been so many advances in the design and development of Sports Bras in recent years these survey results have left me a little disappointed. I’m sad to see so many women seem to have completely given up on the Sports Bra market due to bad experiences with the product.
I think that an improvement in the education of the functional benefits of Sports Bras, along with additional service in selecting the right Sports Bra for each individual will be the only way to re-gain the trust of the active woman.
I’m left a little scared that the ‘one size fits all’ marketing campaigns behind some of our industry’s powerful brands could lead more women to experience more problems with Sports Bras. And it’s not just that we have to worry about. People purchasing online blindly, with no personalised fitting or advice are bound to have a bad experience.

So while there are improvements being made to the product at a rapid rate, and with a greater service and education around the fitting and prescription of Sports Bras there is great hope that in years to come the trivial issues documented in the survey could be irradicated and women could experience the host of benefits that come along with a properly fitted, appropriately selected Sports Bra.
Fingers crossed.

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