Is underwire good or bad?

Is underwire good or bad?

Women are always wanting to know, is underwire good or bad in a bra?

As with most things in life, there isn't a simple answer. But there are some things you should know so that you can make the most informed decision about what's best for you. 


What's the role of underwire

The underwire is there to shape your breast tissue. It rounds and separates your breasts which is generally considered an "ideal" shape in today's society. 

The underwire is not there to stop your breast from bouncing during activity. 

An underwire will provide separation, and 'encapsulate' breast tissue. This is the fancy way of saying that each breast is held separately in its own compartment. This is a support technique. However, this support technique can be achieved without underwire if the bra is produced with this technique in mind.


What are the benefits of wirefree bras

Wirefree Sports Bras typically use the 'compression' method to support the breast. Or they will use a combination of encapsulation and compression, where by the breasts are somewhat separated and then compressed against the chest wall. 

When women wan't to be 'strapped down' a wirefree bra will get them closer to their goal. 

Women who find bras uncomfortable due to underwire poking in or rubbing will get rid of a lot of issues if they decide to move to a wirefree Bra solution. 

Wirefree Sports Bras are also considered safer for contact sports.



What are the benefits of underwire bras

For women who want a more natural shape, not a compressed look or feel, an underwire bra is better. Women who do not like their breasts sitting closely together at all will enjoy the benefit of distinct separation that underwire gives.



An interesting anecdote from 7 years of fitting Sports Bras

As a business, we have no preference over underwire or wirefree styles. It s

hould simply come down to what feels best for the customer. However, it is interesting to note that some of our best selling bras in G-H cup are in fact wirefree. These customers very rarely present to our store thinking that wirefree will be an option for them and are pleasantly surprised when they find a good quality 


Issues we see with wirefree Sports Bras in the marketplace

Unfortunately most of the wirefree Sports Bras that women see in sports stores are in fact not technical bras but rather fashion crop tops. This has left many women disappointed by wirefree bras. 

If you want to try a wirefree bra then it's important to track down well made technical bras that are produced in a comprehensive range of sizes. This will ensure you are trying the best options so you can make a well considered decision for yourself. 



One of our experienced bra fitters would love to take you on a journey to finding your best Sports and Everyday Bras - underwire or wire free, whichever should suit your needs best 💁🏻‍♀️

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