Bra shopping: A guide to only ever having good bra shopping experiences

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One of the best (and most frequent) compliments we receive in store is a simple ‘that was the easiest bra fitting experience I’ve ever had’.

While it’s great to hear that our customers are having their best bra fittings with us, it’s still a frustration that the industry standard in bra fitting is so low.

So I’ve put together a list of ways to ensure you don’t ever leave a bra fitting upset, confused, empty handed or worse feeling bad about yourself.

1. Choose a specialist store

We know in life that it’s impossible to be the best at everything. Retailers are sadly not exempt from this rule. Unfortunately we see many trying to be the jack of all styles and end up as the master of none. Find a store that specialises in your bra size range or style required eg Sports, Swimwear or D cup+.

2. Call ahead and discuss your requirements

This gives you the opportunity to discuss your exact needs with the bra fitter so you can determine whether their store is the right match for you. It also allows the bra fitter to manage your expectations with how many options they may have for you, how long a fitting will take, how to avoid their busy periods, or if they have any current specials on that could suit you.

3. Leave yourself enough time to be fitted

Bra fitting can take time, particularly if there are a wide variety of options available to you. If you’re in a hurry, your bra fitter will be forced to rush you through things and you could miss either the educational benefits of a fitting, or a great style you didn’t have time to try.

4. Ignore the size on the tag

Much easier said than done, I know! Both a tape measurement and the size written on the tag are merely guides. They can vary between brands, and even styles within a brand. 8 out of every 10 fittings in store have us changing a women’s bra size which we understand can be emotionally challenging. Remember, being in a bra that fits properly will flatter you. So being open to a possible shift in band or cup size could result in a much better outcome.

5. Challenge yourself with different styles

Women will naturally gravitate to what they know or have experienced, but that isn’t always best. There is a whole world of options out there, so try not to rule out styles before you’ve tried them. Expert bra fitters not only have plenty of experience in fitting women, they also know the product they stock very well so it pays to follow their lead on what they feel could suit you. After all there’s no harm in trying.

A well-practiced bra fitter will have tons of tips for you on bra fitting. If they are not educating you as they go, ask them to talk you through some tips that could be relevant to you. Or even better, get them to assess the fit of the bra that you have been wearing. Chances are you’ll learn something that could assist you with the drawer of bras you have at home.

By Tish Tily, founder of She Science, a specialty Sports Bra Store for cup sizes A – J