(Tues 12th May)

Our in store bra fitting service will be available from May 22nd. These appointments are now available to book online

We will be allowing extra break times between appointments and reducing the number of fittings we offer per day in an effort to ensure we have ample time to employ safe hygiene and sanitation practices.

As a 'by appointment' business we are in the fortunate position of having low foot traffic in our store making it a much safer environment than most retail operations.


(Tues 24th March, 9.00pm)

Ladies, we've made the call. We no longer feel right with being "business as usual" 🙅🏽‍♀️ Our Bra Fittings will no longer be available until after all the craziness of Covid-19 🦠 With Bra fittings being such an intimate and up-close-and-personal experience we felt it was in the best interests of our staff and customers to put a pause on this offering. It may seem like forever now, but we'll be back in to the swing of things before you know it 😁 Of course, our online store will still be going strong. We're moving our warehouse offsite so that orders can be shipped quickly all while reducing the opportunity for our staff to be exposed unnecessarily 🚚 See you on the other side ladies 👋🏽


(Sun 22nd March, 7.30pm)

We will update this as soon as possible in response to the recent update from Dan Andrews. 

(Monday 18th March)


(Monday 16th March) 

We take the health of both our employees and customers very seriously. We will be taking the necessary precautions to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.

At this time, we will remain open with slightly reduced business hours. If you are booked in to have an appointment with us and are feeling unwell, please contact us to reschedule your fitting. 

Since bra fittings are such an intimate process we will be making sure everything is properly sanitised before each appointment. For this reason we will be aiming to schedule short breaks between fittings to accomodate this process. 

Before each fitting our Bra Fitters are:

  • Washing their hands with soap or hand sanitiser
  • Cleaning the fitting room
  • Wiping down the measuring tapes
  • Wiping down door handles, rails and frequently touched surfaces
  • Wiping down the EFPTOS machine, iPad and treadmill 

We're using antibacterial wipes and spray to disinfect the aforementioned surfaces and also the product itself.

We will be closely following the recommended guidelines from our Government Authorities and the Australian Retail Association to ensure we continue to take the necessary actions to help support our customers, staff and communities in this challenging time. 

As recommendations alter we'll be updating this page with any changes to our response. 

We truly thank you for your continued support of our small business during this period of uncertainty 🙏🏽 


- Tish, Director